Crochet Wonderland Plushies- Beautiful Nursery Toys for Kids


Today I fell in love with a Unicorn! I found the most adorable unicorn plush toy, a crochet handmade item, that is simply the cutest thing ever!

This beautiful crochet plush toy for kids (and adults, if you ask me) was made by Tatyana Sidelnikova, owner of the Etsy shop dollsPartie.

As the name suggest- this unique Etsy crochet boutique is a hue party filled with unique crochet dolls that will add to any nursery decoration, and have the potential to be that one childhood item that your baby will place in their suitcase as they go away to college!

Animal Wonderland Plush Toys

Following the unicorn plush toy, I entered Tatyana’s crochet heaven, to find super cute animal wonderland plush toys- all handmade by her, with so many options for customizations!
With choices of colors and accessories, Tatyana’s crochet plush animals could fit boys or girls, and they are too adorable not to get!

Dragons, hypos, lions, chicks, and all kinds of beautiful crochet animals- all in one place (how do you even choose??). And if you want to know the secret of why these items are so adorable… it’s all in the maker!

Reading through Tatyana’s personal bio, I saw this amazing description of hers, talking about how she makes these unique unicorn plush toys and crochet animals:
The process is similar to the spark of love. Each loop is full of sense, positive emotions, joyful thoughts in anticipation of a birth, the birth of a toy.

The items are all handmade by Tatyana, in her home town in Russia, and shipped worldwide with affordable shipping rates! So if you can’t got to Russia to enjoy magical plush toys- Russia will bring the magic to you!

Check out Tatyana’s shop dollsPartie for more of these amazing
Crochet animal magical toys!

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