Cruelty-Free Chunky Knit Blankets That Will Keep You Warm & Fuzzy


Katharine Bowen from California- is on a mission! An important mission to get as many people as she can to enjoy her chunky blankets that are cruelty free! Enjoying the wool- but without hurting animals!

Katherine talks about her personal journey in her Etsy shop, lilyandpeabody:

Since I was a small child I have enjoyed filling my free time with various arts and crafts projects. At the age of two, my mother began to teach me how to paint, sculpt with clay, make paper and grow a garden. At the age of five I was sneaking small sewing projects into my school bucket to work on during break time. By the time that I was thirteen I was going to school in handmade clothes and crafting under my desk during classes. Just a few years ago I began working with wool; felting, spinning and large scale knitting. This is when I quit my job as a paralegal and began creating as a business.

If you have a cuddly friend or family member, one that likes to sit and cuddle in front of the TV- you know they’ll go crazy for a chunky blanket of their own! And just in case you don’t see how these amazing wool blankets can be cruelty free- see what Katherine had to say about where she gets the wool for her chunky knit blankets:

In addition, all of our blankets are cruelty-free, wool included! We make sure to source our wool from farmers who can verify the ethical treatment of their sheep. We absolutely DO NOT support mulesing, so none of our products will ever be made from Australian merino as mulesing is an incredibly common practice among Australian farmers. We source our wool from the UK, North America, South America, and sometimes other countries as long as it is 100% cruelty-free!

And your pets?
They’re going to love these chunky knit blankets:

You can follow Katherine’s shop on Instagram or on Etsy – to always see her newest chunky knit blankets and potential sales!

Visit lilyandpeabody Etsy shop today!

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