Florence Fashion for Boys and Girls!

If you’re looking for stylish outfits for your girl or boy- you’re gonna want to meet- Aglika Pancheva!
Aglika is the owner and designer of papaverikids, a unique Etsy shop from Florence, Italy, that deals in creating the most comfortable, stylish and unique clothing items for kids- boys and girls alike.

This shop gives you all the latest styles that kids love- fairytale Disney clothing, unicorns, stylish formal clothing, racing cars, and even simple poppy flowers and butterflies!

Here are some of my favorite designs by this Italian shop:

Using only high quality fabrics, the variety in this shop is amazing!  I personally loved that even within their listings- you have choices. Like this unique matching set, in both white and yellow:

If you like the style of this shop- go ahead and follow it’s social channels!
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Within them you’ll find all of the latest kids fashion trends from Italy!

Find out more on papaverikids Etsy shop!

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