Free marriage: principles and views of society

Free marriage

Free marriage what is it? , the history of its appearance. Characteristics of communication, public opinion on a free marriage alliance.

Free marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, which involves legal issues on the side. The lifestyle of such a couple is quite traditional: cohabitation, joint children, and budget. However, in the case of sexual intercourse, the term “fraud” does not exist in such a family, because due to mistrust, a couple breaks free in rare cases.

Free marriage story

Under the primitive social system, family structure was subject to one principle – survival. In this government, free marriage had no right to exist because the man denied the weak woman. The exception at this time was the marriage alliance when representatives of different communities were sympathetic to the problem of incest.

For a long time after the union between a man and a woman ended, the spouse was entitled to seek intimate pleasure. In ancient Greece, girls under the age of 12 were urgently “given into the good hands” by men of their age. As a result, the young woman became a slave to a mature husband and her duty was to feed as many future warriors as possible. Her husband at this time took pleasure in the gate, which was not considered shameful.

If we analyze historical facts further, free marriage could not exist because of the great influence of the Church on its parishioners. Each spouse could have connections on the side, but everything was hidden with seven seals.

The wind of change has finally reached the shores of Europe. Free marriage in France became the most popular in the 17th century. After the wedding, the couple did not hide their love affairs. It was considered bad behavior if the wife did not have a lover. This means that it is not interesting for representatives of the opposite sex. To love legitimate soul mates and to be single was tantamount to acknowledging one as inferior. In the future, prim England took part in the experiment from France.

In the 1960s and 1960s, a subculture called “hippie” made a name for itself in the United States. Their slogan about the need for sex, not war, did not go down in American history alone. The hippies did not understand the pros and cons of free marriage but worked in a sound way.

Free marriage
Free marriage

Such a plan

In America, such fashion trends have angered ordinary people. Love triangles have always existed, but no one dared to live openly according to such a plan to build family ties.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union with dogma and bans, the impossible became real. People who had previously felt guilty about the relationship between spouses Brik and Maya themselves willingly began experimenting with an expanded plan.

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