Fun Pet Sayings Accessories for Pets & People

One of the things I love most about Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, is that so many graphic artists have found their place in the world through Etsy’s partners!
Using 3rd party printing companies, that print high quality clothes and accessories, many graphic designers are now selling their designs more easily, allowing you to get high quality products with super original designs!

Such a designer is Peggy from Ohio, USA.
Peggy has always had a thing for dogs and cats, and in her Etsy shop FunPetDesigns she gets to share this passion with worldwide customers!
In her shop you’ll find unique dog & cat designs on different types of items, like: dog mats, shirt in various sizes, weekend tote bags, mugs, and even mouse pads! All carrying out unique illustrations of dogs and cats, or cute pet sayings!

I have always had dogs and cats in my life and I sincerely believe that these guys have saved my marriage. My husband and I married late in life (late 40’s) and he always told me he never wanted a pet. At one point when I asked him again if we could get a dog, he threatened to leave me. (He apologized shortly afterwards.)
But I still couldn’t ignore my heart so I finally adopted a cat. It took a while but eventually my husband came to love him. (Peggy Uhal)

The 2 love birds didn’t stop with just the cat, and recently adopted Alice- a beautiful and loving canine.
The influence that these 2 pets had on Peggy’s husband were without a doubt- amazing! The more he learned the open himself up to the unconditional love from their pets- the stronger their marriage got. Turns out- it’s never too late to change

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