Halloween 2020 Top Costume Idea – Marilyn Monroe’s Pink Dress

Halloween 2020 Top Costume Idea

Are you ready to turn heads on this year’s Halloween?
Cause Coserz have got a special surprise for you- a taylormade Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress to fit your body like a glove!
This is a remake of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look in her beautiful Pink Dress – that is bound to be the most eye catching costume in any party you go to!

Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Cosplay

Not just for Halloween, for cosplay fans- this iconic Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress costume can be used for cosplay events and costume theme parties– all year long!
Actually, it can also be used as a bridesmaid dress, or just a dress for a fancy occasion!

Taylormade Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress by Coserz

Coserz, the best online shop for cosplay and Halloween costumes, pride themselves for being extra attentive to their shoppers, and giving them the ultimate cosplay and Halloween costume buying experience!
Each one of their Halloween costumes, including this gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress, can be ordered from a size chart, OR by measuring your body according to their drawing- and ordering a Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress that fits your body perfectly!

Halloween 2020 Top Costume Idea
Halloween 2020 Top Costume Idea

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