HandMade Art. It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.

HandMade Art


Winter is here, and as the days are getting colder and colder- i lack the desire to leave the house and do proper shopping. Lucky for me- I have Etsy ! Today I want to share 3 cool stores I found on Etsy… All of them are very… Artistic!

Are you ready? Let’s start!

A Blossoming Dream From Latvia

The first seller I found on Etsy is Blossoming Dream, owned by a photographer called Santa. This amazing photographer from Riga, Latvia, is selling prints of her photography art… Showing us that we can all bring beautiful Latvia to our home When ordering a print from Santa you can choose the size of the print you want (5X5, 8X8, 10X10), and also the photograph’s finish- glossy or matte. Have a look at one of her photos from a river in a city called Sigulda:


Hang That Belle Pepper

Belle Pepper Studio Etsy store is owned by Rebecca Testa from PH, United states. Her amazing art work comes out via her cool hang-on pictures, that look like small signs you can place anywhere in your house. As everything is handmade art, you can see different kinds of signs, words, phrases and images, all with a positive and loving vibe. All of the art in Rebecca’s store is Needle Felted. Isn’t that cool? If you have animals in the house you’d love to see Belle Pepper Studio’s dogs and cats handmade hang-ons. But because  Valentine season is about to come upon us- I would leave you with this cool heart piece:


Coasters. The Best Coasters Ever!

I love Etsy so much! The fact that people are selling handmade items often drives them to look for accessible materials in their surroundings and re-create useful pieces of art. that is exactly the case with aStellaDivina Etsy store. The owner, who lives in Pittsburg, is creating amazing coasters- all from recycled materials! Her variety of unique coasters is water and alcohol proof, can stand heat up to 200 degrees (Great to place coffee on, but not a hot pot), and is UV protected- so even if you use these coasters outside in the garden- they will not fade with sunlight. You can see a cool coaster image of a unicorn up in the post’s main picture, but I would love to share more of this store’s amazing coasters with you gals:


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HandMade Art
HandMade Art

Hey Ya’ll, I’m Nicky Allen, new to this whole blogging thing, but love online shopping, especially Etsy, and would love to write some cool articles about the products I like and the online stores I love 🙂

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