Husband & Wife, Making Jewelry from Casting Coins

I think that what I love most about Etsy is the fact that you could really find unique items there… There’s no limit to what people can do, make, recycle, upcycle, and think of- when they are truly that much creative. And while major shops and brands stick to trends, I think that these little home-made entrepreneurs- are the true trend setters.

In my Etsy-scouting today I came across a truly unique and special necklace… A bee pendant necklace, with the pendant made from an actual coin. A beautiful coin was shaped and made to carry out the shape of a bee on one side, and a deer on the other. The bee is a symbol of overcoming the impossible, while the deer imprint stands for rebirth and renewal.

This rare find on Etsy is actually a part of a bigger home-enterprise… A husband and wife team of jewelry makers- using museum coins as their base material to making the most amazing jewelry!

Kimberly & Ibrahim, a Family business of jewelry and coins

In their Etsy shop, ARTemisDesignsLLC, Kimberly & Ibrahim are making beautiful jewelry from coins, something we all keep in our purses everyday and don’t even think twice about. When I think of it, it’s truly amazing…

I think that in some point in life I might have looked on a coin and thought- well- that could look great as a necklace… But taking it from thought to an item, gold plated, surrounded by sterling silver, using the right machinery, finishing it off with such flair… Their work- is truly remarkable.

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