Is Tweed Making a Comeback ?

As some people think that tweed is only made for “geeks over 50”, the true fashionistas know that tweed is making a huge comeback.
These days people are starting to ease from the “buy cheap use few days” mentality- and are going back to searching high quality fabrics for their clothing- especially at winter time!

As I’ve always imagined myself rocking the pink tweed jacket look- I searched Etsy for sellers who sell either tweed coats or tweed fabrics… And in one shop- I found both!
BukleFabricFashion Etsy shop is a Latvian shop for Italian fabrics.
Working with world class designers and only the best of Italian fabrics- this shop is a one stop shop for high quality fabrics and beautiful tweed and wool coats and jackets!

Here are just some of the tweed coats that caught my eye at BukleFabricFashion:

On top of that, like I said before, the shop also provides people with access to their uniquely designed fabrics… And to be honest- I am getting that “itch” to start sewing- just by looking at these fabrics!!

If Italian fabrics and tweed jackets are in your heart… Why not have them in your feed??
Check out BukleFabricFashion’s Instagram page- filled with all their newest fabrics and the occasional promotion you wouldn’t want to miss!

Selling more than just tweed, other high quality Italian fabrics are also available

on BukleFabricFashion Etsy shop!

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