Japanese water treatment

Japanese water treatment

Japanese water treatment is quite simple, but it is named after Japan because its originator is a Japanese doctor.

This doctor devoted his life to researching the consequences of dehydration. It is not enough that this is too simple, but scientific research indicates that the treatment works.

But what is Japanese treatment water supposed to do for health?

Water treatment has been shown to help prevent arthritis, back pain, chest pain, migraines, colitis, diabetes, asthma, headaches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more.

The treatment is so simple.

  • As soon as you wake up, start rinsing your mouth with water to get rid of bacteria. Then drink 640 ml of water on an empty stomach – about four glasses.
  • If you find it challenging to drink four glasses right away, start smaller and then gets used to it, and four glasses will not be a problem.

After drinking the water, brush your teeth as usual and do not eat or drink until after 45 minutes.

Then have breakfast after that time, but do not eat or drink for two hours after breakfast. And the same goes for other meals of the day.

According to the Japanese Medical Association, the treatment is considered adequate for both constipation and stomach problems after ten days, and it takes 30 days to affect high blood pressure significantly.

Japanese water treatment
Japanese water treatment

Here are five more benefits to drinking water in the morning

  • Drinking water on an empty stomach cleanses the colon and makes it easier to process nutrients.
  • It increases the production of new muscle and blood cells.
  • Helps with weight loss – increases digestion.
  • It makes the skin more beautiful and radiant – but the water helps clear toxins from the blood, which benefits the skin.
  • Balances the lymphatic and glandular functions of the body – but it is essential, for example, to balance body fluids and fight infections.

Of course, this is not a magic bullet – because they do not exist. Nevertheless, the Japanese consider this an essential part of everyone’s health and well-being. It is said to be a big part of taking good care of the body. And maybe one more factor in Japan’s longevity.

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