Kawaii Squishy Tags & Squishy Keychains By Bunny’s Cafe

One thing I miss about my childhood are squishies!
Squishy little figures, bunnies, tomatoes, bananas, unicorns, and all kinds of kawaii rubber items that you can use as tags, or on your keychain. That’s why I was SUPER THRILLED to discover Sana Bunny Etsy shop!
This unique Etsy shop is a licensed seller for the best and cutest squishies in the world!

These unique squishies can be used for so many things!
I personally love them as keychains, and I used to use them to add inside gift boxes for friends- like these big boxes filled with a lot of different things- candy, a cute pair of socks, a nice trinket like a charm bracelet, and a letter. Adding a cute squishy is always a good idea!

You can also use squishy tags if you’re an online seller of anything Kawaii!
Use them as freebies for buyers, or just as a part of your brand’s tags!

Adorable squishies collection

On top of the cute squishy tags you’ve seen above, Sana Bunny also has a variety of limited edition squishies, like cute bear squishies, unicorn squishies, and even bubble tea squishies! Just so many options to choose from, when honestly? I want them all!

Cute Kawaii Squishies & face masks

On Sana Bunny you’ll also be able to find exclusive face masks in Kawaii styles, alongside these adorable squishy tags! You can also find a lot more items on Bunny’s Cafe– which is the official website for Sana Bunny Etsy shop!

To make sure you never miss out on Sana Bunny’s new squishy tags, Kawaii face masks, or special sales & offers- make sure to favorite Sana Bunny Etsy shop & follow it on instagram!
One follow click – and your home feed just got way cuter!

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So go ahead and check out
Sana Bunny Etsy shop today for more!

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