Leaving The Rat Race

Leaving The Rat Race

We are all taking part of a big race. It is the race of life-work-money-home. We are all part of it. I call it the rat’s race. As if we were rats in a maze, racing for an unknown finish line. Cause we will get a better job, and leave it, and get a bigger apartment, and leave that too. We are selling the hours of our lives to make other people’s dreams come true. And the only way out of the rat race is to simply decided- no more, and start calling the shots yourself.

Start Being A Freelance

The decision to start being a freelance was sitting in my head for a long time now. I had a good job, I was good at what I did, but I wasn’t happy. My days were slipping away, and I lived from one Thursday night to the other… Until i said no more. I am now my own woman, my own worker, my own boss.

There are a lot of pluses in that decision, and a lot of fears. But for the time being- this is the right choice for me. Ever since I started being a freelance i have been living a whole new life. i wake up whenever I want, I’m meeting friends for coffee in the middle of the day (Other freelance friends), i work long hours at night and I market myself non-stop.

What To Freelance In

When i was 17 years old my biggest dream was to open my own second-hand clothing store. Life took me in a different direction. After 3 years in the Media industry I realised what I’m best at- writing. So this is what I do. I’m a blogger, a writer, an SEO expert, a keyboard vomiter, call it whatever you want. But I’m having fun. Things are going slow, but with word to mouth they are getting better, and more and more clients are showing at my door step. I don’t have an amazing startup idea, i will not have the big exit everyone is dreaming about… But I do things for me now, and that is maybe the exit that my mind needed.

If you’re a talented blogger- than go for it, blog with all your might and find all possible ways to revenue from it. If you have an eye for styling- be a stylist, get your name out there and work! If you are great with makeup, be a makeup artist… And don’t sit and wait for people to get your services- be proactive! Create, share, be social. Find what you can manufacture at home and sell it on ETSY. Just do something!

Got A Startup Idea? Look For Funding

One of the things I encountered on online while researching to become my own boss was The Matthew Martino Enterprise Award. I only wish I was 2 years younger to take part of it. The Matthew Martino Enterprise Award (MMEA) is targeting 16-25 year old women who want to start their own way in the world with a great idea. While offering a grant for these young women, MMEA also offers mentoring and access to other startup resources that could truly help take you in the right direction.

Leaving The Rat Race
Leaving The Rat Race

MMEA offers two major awards: the Future Leader’s Award (Awarded 4 times a year to several youngsters) and the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. For more details– click on the image.

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