Let’s Go Shopping Handmade Goods At Etsy!

Let’s Go Shopping Handmade Goods At Etsy

Hey ladies, Today I have 5 amazing Etsy stores to introduce you to, where you could find: jewelry, metal decorations, wooden boxes, creative Valentine’s day gifts and even a cool dog collar! Are you ready to start let’s go shopping handmade goods at Etsy.

Kirei-Keepsakes and The Geisha Boxes

If you are looking for a cool way to store your jewels, or as a gift for an east-culture lover- these hand-painted geisha boxes are the perfect idea! These cool and unique boxes are shipped worldwide from Lumpur, Malaysia, and could be yours for a ridiculously low price! Check out June Moonstone’s Etsy store KireiKeepsakes for more of these cool boxes (Or just click on the image).

Let’s Talk Dog

Love your little 4-legged family members? Spoil them with handmade collars and leashes! You could find AMAZING handmade collars at Forever-Mootsy Etsy store. I personally fell in love with this PINK dog collar! What I like the most about it, other than the colour of course, is the fact that it’s made from earth friendly, non-toxic, dyes. That’s not only important for our planet- but also for our pets. You wouldn’t want your dog biting on something that could harm them- would you?
You can see more cool dog-ccessories at Forever-Mootsy Etsy store page

Looking For A Love Symbol For Valentine’s Day?

Try looking at QUEEN-BEADER Etsy store. On top of this seller’s amazing handmade jewels, you could find various Mason-Jars, decorated to keep you warm and fuzzy. These amazing hand-crafted jars could be used as flower holders, desk decorates and much much more!
Our Valentine’s Day idea- get 2 of these cool matching jars and fill them with love notes to your spouse- that they can open anytime they want to be reminded why you love them!

Add A Touch Of Metal To Your Home

I recently came across a cool Etsy store called JianGiglia. The store is a handmade celebration for metal craft-work, as you can find amazing metal creations there to add a touch of style to any home. Amongst the cool animal shaped metal wall-art you could find there, you could also find this stunning metal-tree jewelry holder! 11 inches tall, this metal tree is the perfect way to store necklaces, bracelets and even rings. You can purchase at JianGiglia no matter where you live in the world, and the metal goods would be sent to you straight from the seller’s home base at Utah, United States.

Let’s Go Shopping Handmade Goods At Etsy
Let’s Go Shopping Handmade Goods At Etsy

Your Personal Jewelry Fairy

Last but not least, we have Creations Of True Fairy Etsy store. This unique store is brining you one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from Kiev, Ukraine. The store’s main theme is spiritual and mystical, as the seller creates amazing handmade jewelry from stones, flowers and sea-shells. My favorite item in this store is this sea-shell pendent that I just can’t stop staring at!
The seller makes sure to photograph all items from various angels, and always writes down the size of the pendants- so you can be sure how big the pendant is before ordering it.

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