Let’s Talk Patches !

One of my favorite things to collect in new countries is patches. Patches of flags, of animal, of everything. I find that when I am “sick” of an old pair of jeans or want to personalize my backpack, patches are simply the best solution… Easy to simply iron them onto another fabric surface, and create a whole new item in minutes! If you don’t know much about clothes patches, click here to find out more information about patches.

As my favorite patch market place is on Kao-san road in Bangkok, I had to find a way to get awesome patches when I am not in Thailand… And I can do that with Etsy! I found this cool Etsy store called CedarCreekPatchShop, shipping awesome patches, worldwide, from Nevada, United States. With more than 5000 sales, and 800 positive reviews- this is defiantly the best Etsy stores to get iron on patches online! Here are some of the awesome patches you’ll be able to find there:

So make sure to drop by their store for all of your patch needs!

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