Make Money From Home – 14 Tips to Sell better on Fiverr from a Level 2 Seller

A lot of people think that “Fiverr doesn’t really work” as they set up a gig, wait 3 days, and get no orders.
Fiverr is just like any virtual mall platform, and after 4 years of working on it- here are my 14 best tips to succeed on Fiverr

I joined Fiverr on July 2015, Became a level 2 seller very quickly Had 15 different services throughout the years and worked with over 2000 customers! These tips are things I learned the “hard way”

Let me make it simple for you!

#1 – calculate everything in $4 blocks, not $5

When you sell on Fiverr you set your service prices in $5 doubles- $5, $15, $105, etc. However, for every $5 a client pays for your gig- you get $4.

As Fiverr takes 1 dollar commission for each sale- you should get used to thinking in the $4 terms, so for the $5 prices listed above- the “real” prices would be: $4, $12, $84.

I am not going to go in to the whole “is it worth it?” or “why are they taking so much?” cause, honestly, being on Fiverr is a way to be found, Fiverr engage a lot with their potential clients, and you benefit free marketing from them, as well as a trusted platform to charge clients from.
When you start thinking about the services you offer- think to yourself- what can I do for $4? Will $16 for this gig be ok with me? Simply change your mindset to $4 gigs!

#2 – always check your grammar!

A lot of people think that design is only important for graphic designer, and that grammar is only important for content writers- but that’s not the case.
If you’re a content writer or offering any kind of writing/editing service- you obviously need FLAWLESS English in your gig, but not other people need that too!

Few weeks ago I purchased a gig from someone on Fiverr to promote my Etsy shop. The phrasing was a bit problematic but I “got” what the service was about- so I ordered it! Right after that, in the requirements section, I was asked questions that made no sense in English.

I followed through and asked the seller to explain the gig a bit more or what they need from me to do it- and the answers were somewhat… Unreadable!

That seller got their gig cancelled that day- but I- learned a valuable lesson. I am NEVER ordering from people with grammar or phrasing mistakes ever again. And just like me- there are so many other people who would pass on your gig for bad grammar- just cause they’re afraid of having miscommunications with the seller.

#3 – research

You might think you’re offering a clear service or a cheap one- but a reality-check is always important!

Search Fiverr for people who sell similar services, or even the “same” services- and se what they’re offering!
See what kind of packages they have and how they phrase their services to their clients, check out their FAQ section and really dive deep! You might find that there are things you can offer- but didn’t think about, or that you need to adjust your packages or items to fit the norm!

#4 – use packages

Fiverr might have started as a $5 service app, but this platform has developed so much, and packages are a big part of it! You have the option to offer 1 service for 1 price, or 1 service divided into 3 groups- of different prices! You cannot feature the same price for different areas of packages, so you need to learn how to offer an increasing service! for example- you can check out my leading service-

Help you improve your Etsy shop!

In this service I offer people with Etsy shops my opinion, a sort of an audit, to their shop and items. And it’s build in 3 packages:

The first package is an audit of a listing – for $10. The second is basically the first + an overall look over their shop’s general branding and appeal. That is offered for $15. The third and biggest package, for $20, includes a listing + shop overview + a simple cool cover design for their shop.

This way- I am able to use packages and open the eyes of my clients to a need they might not have known they had!

#5 – describe ! describe ! describe !

The biggest problem you will have as someone offering a service (or even a physical product) is that you KNOW what you’re selling, and you sometimes forget- other people don’t.

For example, I have spoken to a lot of graphic designers who offer a variety of graphic services- logo design, cover photos, menu printables, and more. However, they offer- a logo design! Without specifying what exactly they sell, for example:

a 900X900 px PNG logo file with transparent background.

When confronted with this- most graphic designer said- but I can give anything!
Yeah, that’s great, but people don’t know what everything is! Some people just know what they need from their web developer or print shop- they need to see file types, understand what they will actually receive at the end of this- and it’s your job to leave no stone unturned!

#6 – take the time to plan your main gig’s photo

Your gig’s main photo can’t just be a random “success” photo. As people scroll down Fiverr they see all these gigs, and they need to find yours more eye-catching. A great way to get people’s attention is with a small text, and by small I mean- short!

Have an image that flat out- SAYS what this gig is about!

Use Canva to create a photo for your Fiverr gig- using the dimensions 1100X740 px for best results!

#7 – use your photos to explain what you’re selling

On top of your main gig’s photo, you can add 2 more photos, and you can really make them work for you!
If you offer custom design services- show your previous work in one photo, and create a readable-photo for the last slot- showing a photo with a text that explains the packages you have!

If you don’t have a portfolio, or if that doesn’t apply to your gig- you can use these 2 other photos to just feature text from the gig itself- that explains, for example, the process of ordering & what you need from people to get started!
You could also combine photos of you in the process! That’s the best way to get that trust-connection with potential buyers!

Another idea is to use this space to explain who you are, and basically- why they should choose you. That is something I did and I think really helped me sell more:

#8 – remember who your target audience is

Your target audience is as important as your service! Is your service appealing for small business owners? Maybe you’re offering services for authors or bloggers?

The people who are your potential clients should determine how you phrase yourself!

As most of my customers are Etsy sellers, I am feeling my audience a lot in my gigs! As Etsy is an online shopping mall for handmade items- a lot of my clients are low-tech people, some that don’t even know how to send me a link through their mobile, or what a logo even is! Knowing that about them- changes my language!

I am super friendly, explains in non-tech words what they need to do, and what I do for them.

After spending years as a manager in the tech industry, it’s so cool to me to send clients messages with heart emojis, smiley faces, and just a general sweet talk kind of vibe!

#9 – create gigs that “complete” each other

This tip directly connects with the previous tip about knowing your audience.

For example- if you offer a service to build someone a wix website, it’s only “safe to assume” that that person would also need social channels to market their shop. In that case, if you have the necessary graphic skills- you need to have a gig for social channels set up, or social graphics- so that a client that was happy with your service will see that you can help them in more than 1 way!

#10 – download the fiverr app to your phone

I get these “smile” moments throughout the day, as my Fiverr app beeps for a new order!
Having the Fiverr app on my phone makes me available to see when people order, if they’ve filled in the right info for me to work! It also keeps me aware of anyone messaging me- and enables me to reply as instantly as people reply to a Whatsup message!

Fiverr calculates your reaction time to messages from potential buyers, as well as features that information publicly! This is a major point-getter on Fiverr, as well as increase your chances of getting an order and having an order go all the way though in a timely manner!

#11 – use the faq section

Your gig’s description has a 1200 characters limit,
and it might not feel like enough for you.

That’s why Fiverr added the option to include questions & answers for buyers to read! You need to make sure you write down in your description that people can scroll further down and check the FAQ section before ordering!

In that section you can add answers to questions about the item you deliver, the delivery time, what makes you qualified for the job, and if you can offer them any custom services.

#12 – always give a bigger timeframe

When you offer a service on Fiverr, on a one-service gig or a 3-package gig, you get to set a timeframe for your delivery. While some people think that the least amount of time is the best- that might not be the case. If you can provide your service within 24H- that’s awesome!

However, what happens if you’re sick? If you have a lot of gigs to deliver? or if you just want a day off?

My advice- take more time for yourself- to make sure you always deliver on time. And- if you got the time to deliver early- your clients would be super happy!

Another reason to give a longer time-frame than what you need to complete a gig- is so that you could offer a paid option (within “gig extras”) for a faster delivery time.

For example: I will edit your video for $25 within a 72 hour time frame, or- add $10 for a faster delivery and get your video edited in 24H only!

#13 – check out “buyers requests” daily!

Go to your Fiverr profile and click on MORE In the dropdown menu- choose Buyer Requests

and get ready to get orders!!

This section is for clients who couldn’t find the exact service they are looking for, or just didn’t want to search all these gigs!
Clients here often know what they want in specifics (for example: a 650 words seo text about marketing to be delivered in 24 hours) or have a general thing they need help with (for example: need something for a birthday party).

You can browse through these requests and apply your gigs to the requests you think you can fulfill!
Make sure to read what people are searching for- and phrase the gig you offer in a way that makes them see you’ve really read what they wrote!

#14 – treat your fiverr profile as a business!

A lot of people open a Fiverr profile and wait for their bank account to get bigger! That’s not how this works. Selling your services on Fiverr is just like offering them on your own website- you need to market them. Do not feel embarrassed sharing your services on your Facebook profile- if someone feels it’s weird- they’re weird! Share your gigs on social media, make sure to place a link to your Fiverr account on your Instagram, Pin your gig photos to your Pinterest, and even set a page on Facebook for you as a service provider!

The more you treat this as a business- the more money you could make!

Fiverr has changed so much in the past few years people are selling in higher prices the quality levels are higher and customer service is key. Get creative, be descriptive and available and just- make sure you do your best

to make the most out of this business platform!

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