Maya- The Antique Collector- Now on Etsy!

Maya is a UK based vintage and antiques collector– who recently joined the ETSY family of people who sell handmade goods and collectables! Her amazing antiques collection is great if you’re searching for a gift to give your mom, grandmother, or any friend you have who likes antique items and accessories! I love to shop for antique furniture, it’s so fun!


Her shop is filled with such great cheer and love- and her items all come in excellent condition!

Porcelain antique gifts!

If you know someone who’s into Porcelain dolls and sculptures than you know that this is one pricy passion- and one that can keep you occupied searching markets and street fairs for the right decorative items… However, in maya’s antique shop on Etsy, MayasAntiques, you’ll be able to find so many porcelain collectables that will make any collection complete- as well as shine on their own as a centerpiece on your shelf or table!


I personally love seeing the beautiful porcelain animal decorative that Maya has in her antique shop- especially her collectable dog porcelain pieces- guaranteed to make you smile!

royal-copenhagen-vintage-porcelain-figurine-dachshund-dog-3140-madsen-570x336-7325415 royal-copenhagen-vintage-porcelain-figurine-laying-collie-dog-1701-peter-herold-570x336-7646326
early-lladro-zaphir-porcelain-figurine-panda-bear-holding-bamboo-6-522-570x336-8989099 vintage-royal-copenhagen-porcelain-figurine-bunny-rabbits-1964-rare-065-570x336-9612426

As her shop is anything but boring- is not the only thing you’ll find here… Alongside these beautiful animal sculpture perfections- you’ll see a lot of different styles, vintage antique porcelain figurines from Italy, Japan and more- featuring anything from the elderly, to angels, from babies to mothers! If you’re a true porcelain figurine expert- you’d be able to see that Maya’s antiques re from some of the most known porcelain makers, like: Meissen, Dresden, Herend, Lladro, Capodimonte, Royal Doulton… All ready for shipping to you or a person you want to surprise with a truly priceless gift of time and quality!

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As ALL the items on Maya’s Antique shop are one of a kind- if you see something you like- don’t wait too long- someone just might snatch it under you before you know it!
In order to keep track of the exciting antiques Maya finds around the UK- you’re encouraged to follow her on social media (Facebook | Pinterest) or simply favorite her Etsy shop in order to see whenever she updated her antique boutique with new porcelain beauties!


Visit Maya’s Antiques Etsy shop for more!


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