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Our worlds have changed greatly in the past few decades… We are now living a completely different life than our grandparents did, and with that change- new trends emerge to help us with our new lives.
In the past, people would move out of their family’s home once they wed, and stayed in a family home of their own for decades. Decorating with their desires, and changing the place as they see fit.

Today, we lead different lives.
Most of the the people in their 20’s or 30’s live alone, moving from rental houses to rental condos, from dorm rooms to temporary apartments… And we needed a way to change our home to better fit us- without a lot of expenses or hassle. That’s why Wall Decals are so very popular!
Having a good wall decal could be a game changer for a room, turning a white blank room into a nursery, a romantic bedroom, a creative kitchen and more. And what better place for wall decals is there… Than Etsy!

On Etsy I found a wall decal designer- selling beautiful wall decals worldwide to anyone who wants to improve their home / room walls- her name is Michelle Naomi Tobi.
The 32 year old shop owner (owning decal shop MISHdecor) is married plus 2 kids and a dog. She has been operating 2 online stores for home design in Israel, where she lives, for a long time, and with her Etsy shop, MISHdecor, she strives to achieve an international cliental. Her biggest love of all the design fields- is designing walls, so her first international business, MISHdecor, was made to be all about them!

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