Most Unique Items On Etsy

Most Unique Items

Hey ladies, and welcome to another Etsy post! For today I have something special planned, as I found 3 stores that sell the most unique items and 1 store with an amazing deal. These stores got in my radar for being unique, useful and pretty awesome!

Fox Hill Llamas

Shipping worldwide from Australia, Fox Hill Llamas is a store where you can get all the recycled action you’ll ever need. I love recycling, making things out of things that were forgotten and helping the environment. One of the things I believe should be most recycled is paper… Given the fact you have to cut down trees in order to make it.
This Etsy store recycles the one thing that I never imagined I would even hear about… Llama Poo. Llama “left overs” are being recycled into amazing paper. Just think about how special these business cards would be for your business:

Heart My Closet

Heart My Closet is your own personal fashion maker, as the owner of the store can make you amazing dresses and outfits to fit your measurements! With a huge number of items to choose from, the option to get any dress in the colour you want and to fit your body, this store ships worldwide from the United States.
Ever wanted to look like Kate Middleton? Well, you can start by ordering her dress from Heart My Closet! (as seen in the featured post image). You can also order other stylish vintage items like this dress here:

Most Unique Items
Most Unique Items

Just Sandalz

Get some Greece in to your life with this Etsy store that sells handmade leather sandals and ships- worldwide. Store owner, Mary, started it in order to share her love for leather sandals with the world. The store’s style can be spotted immediately: inspired from the great gods of Greek mythology… So it’s only fitting that the store manufacturing place would be the beautiful island of Crete, known as the birthplace of the greatest God in ancient Greece, Zeus.

Here is my favourite design from Mary’s store:

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