New Yoga Fashion Items from Our Favorite YUGA Shop!

Some stores we see and forget, others- we favorite and come back again and again to see when new item are added and created! Such a store is YUGAClothes. That beautiful Etsy boutique for Yoga clothing and boho-wear.

In this shop you’ll be able to find unique fabrics that create the most flattering silhouettes, contain vivid colors and soft to the touch. These clothes were made to fit, stay on comfortably, and make the body feel loved!

In this visit I took to YUGAClothes Etsy shop I found a few new exciting items… The shop’s owner, Yu, has added some interesting fabric bags and backpacks, while also updating some unique yoga clothes for men… Making her men collection even bigger and wider, containing beautiful white and green manly yoga clothes- with a series of fabric and felt belt bags and backpacks.

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