Overeating: how to fight on your own

Overeating how to fight?

Overeating, how do you maintain? Find out how sports professionals fight your appetite while dehydrating your body. Surely many of you remember how your grandmother made you eat another bite, often remembering relatives. Today we can safely say that this is not true, because overeating is a disease that leads to obesity. Parents who try to force their offspring to eat a lot often have trouble being overweight from childhood. It is quite obvious that if you do not contract in such a situation, the situation will only get worse with age. Today we will tell you how to deal with overeating as well as possible.

The main reasons for overeating

Eating too much food is considered an eating disorder today. He has been treated negatively for centuries. For example, in ancient Greece, people were convinced that urinary incontinence in food caused not only physical but also mental harm. In the Orthodox Church, greed is considered one of the deadly sins. As you can see, people have long understood the danger of fuss, although scientific confirmation of this fact has only been obtained in our day. To feel good, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how to deal with overeating.

However, not every overrated lover recognizes himself as a rapist and finds many explanations for his eating habits.

Here are the main symptoms of this disease:

  • Frequent overeating while eating.
  • Inability to control the amount of food eaten.
  • Continuing the meal until the feeling of “saturation to death” appears.
  • Depression in the stomach after eating.

It should be noted that it is very difficult to identify a lover overeating because people hide this addiction from others. Most often, those who suffer from this disease try not to eat in the company so as not to betray their tendency. Unfortunately, these people decide to visit a dietitian or psychologist only after they start to feel unwell due to being overweight. However, if you know how to deal with overeating, then you can completely overcome the disease.

If you do not want to have serious health problems from eating too much food, here are some symptoms.

When they appear you should think about your eating behavior:

  • When you eat, you watch TV and this makes it difficult to control the amount.
  • All-day long, you never stop chewing, and there is always food on your plate.
  • Without a snack, you cannot work mentally or watch a movie.
  • You often eat at night.

We will talk more about how to deal with overeating, but now it is necessary to understand the causes of this disease. Agree, you know the reasons, you can find a way to fight. This is not as simple a question as it seems at first glance. Beauty can be caused not only by physiological reasons but also psychologically. In addition, you should not underestimate the impact on the environment.

Let’s start with genetics, where overeating can be inherited. If any of your families tend to be overweight in your family, then there is a high risk of greed. The family lifestyle is no less important, because if your home creates a sect from food, then sludge is literally a stone’s throw away.

If we talk about the psychological side of things, it is usually due to a desire to improve the mood. People who quit smoking very often gain weight. The point is, that they try to deal with the stress that comes with quitting smoking. This applies to all stressful situations, and if there are a lot of them in your life, you may unknowingly start eating too much and becoming abusive.

A sedentary lifestyle can also cause the development of this disease. You have nothing to do in your free time and you just have to chew something. Scientists believe that after the age of fifty, the risk of overeating increases greatly. During this time, people spend more time at home and food becomes affordable.

If you do not want to look for an answer to the question of how to deal with overeating in the future, then you need to forget about the potential measured life at this age. Try to move more. If you do not want to do sports, go for daily walks. This will improve your health and maintain desirable body weight.

Another factor that can increase the risk of getting this disease is sleep. You have probably heard the statement that you need to think or eat to stay awake. To sum it up, we can safely say that anyone who experiences frequent stress and is surrounded by various devices is potentially at risk.

How to deal with overeating: refreshments

You should focus fully on this process while eating. Therefore, you should not watch TV as you are distracted and eat more than your body needs. About half an hour before a full meal, you should eat a product that contains protein supplements. It can be chicken pieces or a nut.

Since you were not busy during the day, you need to eat five times. In this case, the break between meals should not exceed two and a half or a maximum of three hours. Getting enough sleep is also very important. We have already said that insomnia can be one of the reasons for the development of aortic disease. You need to sleep at least eight hours. This time is enough for the body to recover. If you are still worried about hungry insomnia, go for an evening run or walk.

We also recommend getting rid of all tempting foods like buns and cookies. It is quite obvious that a healthy diet is completely incompatible with fast food. If you love going to fast food places, get rid of this habit as soon as possible. Otherwise, you have to look for an answer to the question of how to deal with overeating.

Overeating how to fight?
Overeating how to fight?

How to deal with overeating: useful tips

We categorized the reasons for overeating and also explained the question of proper diet. Now it is worth giving some tips that will prove useful for people who want to know how to deal with overeating.

  • Get rid of temptation. Get rid of the habit of storing various foods in your apartment that makes you want to eat them. If you have a cake in your fridge and sweets and cookies are on the table in your pockets, it is extremely difficult for any person to be in such a situation.
  • Eat healthy foods instead of calories. In situations where you eat a lot after you come home from work, you should have food ready that can benefit your body and does not have a high energy value. They can be used as a light snack while food is being prepared. In general, you should gradually replace all unhealthy foods with healthy foods. This applies not only at home but also when you visit.
  • Drink water before meals. This is a very healthy habit that few people have. Try to develop it in yourself, although at first it will be difficult and we are aware of this. Drink a barrel of water before each main meal. It is not only good for digestion, but for the whole body. Remember that according to nutritionists’ advice, you should drink one and a half to two liters of water during the day.
  • Do not resort to stress. The problem of stress is common among many and we have already talked briefly about it. If you always start eating in a stressful situation, you urgently need to find another way to relax. We cannot give you detailed recommendations in this matter, as everything is individual. For example, you can take a hot bath with essential oils or remember happy moments in your life.
  • Reduce dosages. If you absolutely cannot do without cake or candy, then you need to start preparing for this psychologically. Self-hypnosis is a very effective way to deal with many problems. If you want to know how to deal with overeating, then one way to achieve this goal is automatic training. In addition, use smaller plates when eating food, as a small part of them will visually look bigger.
  • Do not do other activities during the meal. And we have already mentioned this problem today. Many people cannot watch TV or browse their favorite sites without food. As we said above, if you do not focus on eating, be sure to eat too much.
  • Take your food slowly. You cannot try to swallow food as quickly as possible, you must chew it carefully. This will allow the body to process it faster and the brain will receive signals from the corresponding receptors of saturation a little earlier.
  • Food is a pleasure. The quality of the food is worth enjoying, but there is no need to believe in it. There are receptors on the tongue that are very sensitive to changes in taste. In the first seconds of the meal, you can enjoy the taste and as a result, you will fill up faster.
  • Food should be satisfying. Nutrition and high-calorie intake are different concepts and this is worth remembering. For example, French fries are a high-calorie product, but at the same time, they are poorly saturated. Eat only foods that your stomach indicates fullness in time.

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