Perfect woman: What makes a perfect woman?

Makes a perfect woman

Perfect woman; How can you become? Public opinion on the term “ideal woman.” The article offers versions of what a man’s dream should look like. It will also analyze the legitimacy of such views, which are widespread in society. The perfect woman is a perfection that can look different to men. It all depends on the tastes and wishes of the representatives of the strong half of humanity. However, there are still some standard stereotypes created by society. In most cases, they do not correspond to the absolute truth because representatives of the opposite sex do not always agree on this issue. Today we discuss in this article; what makes a perfect woman.

 The perfect woman is always ready for the truth.

Society sees perfect people this way. As a result, a woman must always hold firmly to the information shock, which can cause her real pain. At the same time, no one calls to deceive each other, but sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and not go to extremes.

Men are often frank because they do not know how to play and do not seek the right approach to clarify the situation. All vocalizations usually end with a banal argument because a woman can have a sensitive soul and a rich imagination. With the minimum of information she hears, impressionable nature can think of a daily nuisance before a disaster of universal proportions.

 A woman without flaws will understand the criticism.

Some people think that if a woman is intelligent and balanced, she can talk about her flaws anytime and anywhere. Men react to public opinion much more calmly and sometimes even wholly indifferent. As a result, they may criticize their wife and think she will take it the same way.

The chosen one should be as careful as possible in words if the significant other asked advice about their appearance or plans. No woman will be happy if, when asked about the success of a new hairstyle, she receives a fair but unflattering answer for her. Nor will she be pleased with the gentleman’s precious remark that there is no place for childless fools in her chosen occupation.

A perfect woman always looks good.

A group of people believes that a woman should even go to a bakery with a full display of her assets. It’s by no means impossible to be a dirty person. Still, it’s unconstructive to insist that you always live up to the ideal. A talented figure and a well-groomed face have not yet prevented one charming woman, but one cannot compete with perfection from this.

You can cringe when a nymph with a ton of makeup on her face and a floor-length dress comes out for a family dinner. Best of all, he will react to the luxurious and sexy negligee he sees for the first time. If a joint appearance is to come, then a flirty hairstyle, appropriate makeup, and a beautiful outfit of a woman will only please her partner. Every man is vain and will be happy to see a well-groomed and practical companion by his side at every event.

 An exemplary host is always in the kitchen or with a vacuum cleaner.

This stereotype is one of the leaders among all kinds of opinions about what the qualities of an ideal woman should be.

However, life constantly adapts its views to whatever attitude exists in society. It does not mean that the corners of the house should be overgrown with intricate cobwebs and the furniture covered with a glorious layer of dust. However, making yourself a house slave in a relationship with a partner who is often quite happy with the current situation is hazardous.

In some cases, a man begins to look not at his wife, who has turned into a nag, but at her more successful and brilliant rival. The result can be the saddest when the exemplary mother and housewife is away alone at night waiting for her unfaithful spouse.

The perfect woman doesn’t need a career.

For some people, for some reason, this statement invokes the stereotype of the blue sock. Public opinion is also that only a man is required to earn money. There is some truth in this belief, for the head of the family must be able to provide for his relatives.

At the same time, skeptics do not understand that many women can compete well with the more vigorous sex in many fields of activity. An intelligent man will always be proud of his chosen one, who does not refuse his financial support, but at the same time seeks his place in life.

 Superwoman lives only for the benefit of the family.

There is an opinion that fair sex should develop its life according to the plan “marriage – the birth of children – kindergarten – school – the wedding of offspring – interests of grandchildren.” In this case, one also recalls the image of an ideal woman, defined by wisdom, in the form of a barefoot, pregnant woman who is always in the kitchen. Some ordinary people are extremely surprised when the janitor starts looking for a suitable hobby.

An exciting life for a woman does not end with starting a family because she has every right to her personal space. At any age, you can find something to your liking which will pleasantly light up your free time while eliminating boredom and a sense of lack of demand from your soul.

The dream woman is a copy of the chosen one’s mother.

Of course, some men are looking for personality traits in their future chosen ones that resemble their parent’s behavioral model. However, it cannot argue that this is the main factor in their choice. It all depends on what kind of relationship once developed in the boy’s family.

When the young man, seeing how a tyrannical father bullies a wife for free, does not want to make a couple with a girl without his own opinion. Suppose the head of the family, to whom everyone obeyed unequivocally, was the mother. In that case, the young man can reach out with his soul to a soft and gentle person when looking for a soul mate. However, I can not rule out that after getting used to a mainly female type, a man still does not want to see it in his future wife.

The perfect wife is innocent itself and has no past.

This view seems a little naive because we do not start life from scratch when we meet the chosen one. A wise man will never create a family with a humble person with a scandalous reputation. Mechanically, he sees in every potential darling the mother of his future children so that he won’t take any chances.

However, he must understand that each person has special baggage from his life experience. The only question is what kind of woman he needs in a relationship.

In this case, everything depends only on the choice of the man and his personal preferences. He could be paired with a naive virgin and an experienced woman in the future.

 A strong woman is always independent.

With the voiced opinion, I remember a wonderful phrase from the film “For family reasons,” uttered by the educational director’s quasi-hero. “But isn’t it so good not to depend on anyone?” – he said, developing the idea further and forcing many viewers to think about this phrase. In no case should we forget self-confidence in life because such self-confidence destroys the human personality?

However, complete independence from all times can lead to a woman’s loneliness. The fair sex has to look for its “I” but rely on the muscular shoulder of the chosen one.

 Sexuality is the main attribute of a female goddess.

Of course, for each person, the external attractiveness of a potential or current partner is essential. However, some believe that making the skirt shorter and the neckline more tempting is enough to draw attention to the selling item. He may roll his eyes at such an outright challenge, but an important point is how long his interest will last.

Many of the men interviewed surprised experts with their answers. In their opinion, they are most seduced by the mystery, the hidden sexuality of the coquettes, which is expressed in half gestures and expressive eyes in mutual flirting.

 The perfect woman never gossips.

Even the more vigorous sex is susceptible to this engaging activity, which is why such a view causes a sincere smile. Men in conversations call the voices not bone washing but a severe assessment of someone else’s life events.

However, the fact remains that it is worth forgiving beautiful ladies for the desire to be aware of everything that is happening around them.

The dream woman is a great cook.

Someone is not given to become a good cook and is not used to this by their parents. There are many couples where the spouse creates in the kitchen and creates real culinary masterpieces. Such families live by the principle that everyone does what he does best.

If a woman does not know how to cook but dreams of pampering her choice with excellent cooking, then both Internet forums and special courses will come to her aid. However, there are women who, even with a great desire to learn all the subtleties of cooking, will definitely over salt everything and does not cook or overdo it with spices. At the same time, sweet, understanding, and respectable women, even with such obvious flaws, will be ideal for their loved ones.

A woman without flaws can do anything.

According to some, the election should be the generator for everything in the house. It is men’s responsibility to nail nails or fix faucets after numerous reminders. His wife only needs to be able to do the minor things: cook, wash, iron, clean the house, look after the children, and be an attractive companion and a great lover. She is also not forbidden to sew, knit, or sew floss and beads.

At the same time, she is forbidden to get tired and not look brilliant at any time of the day. It is scary that quite a large number of people have such an opinion. The perfect woman should be just that – period. It is a myth and nothing else because the painted recipe is more suitable for a robot than a living being.

 Real ladies are strangers to men’s entertainment.

There is a stereotype that femininity consists only of activities and interests that correspond to the weaker sex. Few will be surprised that some ladies follow reading romance novels, watching melodies, and listening to soul music.

However, don’t forget that you can be emotional even when riding. Nothing will change in a woman’s delicate mental structure if she is a fan of extreme sports. Her commitment to hard rock will affect the woman’s deep inner world.

The ideal woman has developed a mother nature.

Suppose the future partners have previously discussed their desire to have offspring. In that case, this is their personal choice, and there is nothing immoral in this agreement. However, public opinion always positions every woman as a mother-to-be.

It should remember that everything has its time and is not worth rushing. Perhaps the woman is not ready for such an important event in her life. She can be a wonderful person but simultaneously have a sober view of prospects in life. Her thoughts can change under certain circumstances because the desire to become a mother does not at all mean the vulnerability of the soul of a vocal person.

The perfect woman never asks for gifts.

The spirit of commerce is not always an admirable quality. Still, the desire to receive signs of attention from a loved one is not a shameful act of a spouse.

However, some mussels think otherwise and violate their soul mate in every little way. They could catch a heartbeat if the wretched chosen one bought an extra pair of tights. An ideal woman for a man of this type is an object who lives according to the plan “I live for you – I don’t need anything – I’m happy.”

Makes a perfect woman
Makes a perfect woman

A woman in a dream reflects her husband.

It is believed that after a certain period of living together, the couple starts to resemble each other. Some understand the literal meaning of the famous phrase and consider a woman to be a copy of the chosen one.

Loving hearts need to think in the same direction and understand and support each other in difficult times. However, becoming a shadow of another person and copying their behavior model is an irrational decision and sometimes even dangerous for the female essence. A strong-thinking woman will never let that happen, which does not make her a wrong person.

A perfect woman will support all conversations.

A similar male personality only loves a perfect woman, so a woman with a narrow mind will be used only for sexual purposes. However, in no case should the chosen one also show her superiority regarding intelligence towards her partner.

However, it is worth noting that the ideal woman who will feel like a fish in water in any company is a myth. We cannot understand everything, but a wise person will always find a way out of any critical situation. She will try to turn the conversation so that she does not get in the face in the mud in front of the acquaintance of the chosen one.

The perfect wife is always ready for sex.

In this case, one immediately recalls numerous stories of headaches and recoil from the chosen one from close contact. Men begin to unselfishly suspect that their significant other has stopped being interested in them or found a lover of their own.

To get rid of such gloomy thoughts, representatives of the more vigorous sex should remember their combat readiness for sex when they are not feeling well. It wouldn’t hurt them to rummage through their memory in search of a magical night of love until tomorrow in case of trouble at work or the following breakdown of their excellent car. It is unlikely that a superman will come up with something sensible, so you must respect your partner and understand his mental and physical state.

 The perfect woman is always monogamous.

No one, in this case, is talking about sexual promiscuity, but men should still not relax. The relationship should become a process that both partners are constantly working on. Hoping that the chosen lady of the heart will be a monogamous person for the rest of her life is a dangerous illusion for an arrogant man.

He knows best what an ideal woman should be because he is somewhat opaque. As a result, the chosen one disappears in another direction, and the unlucky man consoles himself with the song’s words, “If the bride goes to another, then it is not known who is lucky.”


The image of the perfect woman is a desire to have something that is not in reality. The main character of the film “Formula of Love” tried to find a soul mate without the slightest flaw but realized his mistake in time. You need to love the person who is around and understands you completely.

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