Personalize Wooden Love Tokens for Valentine’s Day 2019

The biggest love event of the year is almost here- with just enough time to get a special token of appreciation for the one you love… personalized and engraved on wood!

A unique Etsy shop by the name of MikalasCustomGifts Has been making Valentine’s Day, weddings, birthday parties, baptisms and more- much happier for the past year, with more than 500 people getting the ones they love- a wooden personalized hangable sign – a symbol of life starting, life shared, and life enjoyed and celebrated!

The owner of the shop, Mikala, is from a small town in Ohio, and she’s been operating her Etsy business from Indiana, where she goes to collage, as a way of paying her education bills. What a great way to support education- with art!

The 2 main motives in Mikala’s shop are wooden baptism personalized crosses, and special wooden ornaments for Valentine’s Day 2019. However, you’ll also find special pet memorial wooden ornaments, wedding signs, nursery hangables, and much more!

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