Save the World- Using Statement Fashion and Green Accessories

These days, it seems like whenever we read the news (that aren’t about Covid19) it’s about people destroying the planet. The oceans are being polluted- killing species of fish & turtles. The access garbage people toss to the sea ends up hurting whales and dolphins. We are potentially crashing ecosystems that have been here long before us, utilizing too many of the earth’s resources all at once- as if the earth will always provide. But it won’t. Unless we ease up on it. Unless we cut back on hurting animals, leaving a mess behind us, and stop using eco-devastating materials like plastic- as if there’s nothing else we can use!

If you consider yourself a part of the eco-friendly save the planet cause- there are 2 things you can do!

1 – Use eco-friendly items on your day to day

Few years back Bamboo products became a huge trend with save-the-world agendas. However, I think i found something even better! While bamboo everyday accessories have this lovely wooden color to them, I found unique eco-friendly accessories made from wheat straw! YES! Wheat straw!
These special items were found on an Etsy shop called GreenChimpCo, and they are absolutely adorable!!

Wheat straw cutleries to replace plastic on the go, wheat straw smartphone cases in a variety of colors, wheat straw toothbrush cases, and even full on plates- made to save the earth!
This Etsy sure truly seemed to be encouraging my new wheat straw addiction, with gorgeous bright colors, and that save the planet attitude. (PS, if these wheat straw item photos didn’t convince you to move on from bamboo- GreenChimpCo also has bamboo itms:))

2 – Raise awareness to saving our planet

The second thing you can do, besides adding more eco-friendly items to your shopping list, is to raise awareness for these special topics. You have no idea how many people don’t know that the ocean is in trouble, that whales are dying, or that being vegan- can actually help save the planet!
When you use these unique statements to accessorize yourself, with a shirt or a tote bag, you are sending out these messages into the world! And trust me- if someone sees you wearing a shirt that encourages people to save whales- they are likely to Google this topic- and discover, through your shirt, how they can improve their everyday lives as well!

These items are just a drop in the ocean of unique eco friendly accessories and environmental fashion

you can find on GreenChimpCo Etsy shop!

So go ahead and visit this unique Etsy boutique, and together-

we could all make our planet a little bit healthier!

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