Seize The Light Etsy Store Review

Seize The Light

If you are looking to enrich your house or office space with amazing inspiring photography- you are in the right place! Seize The Light Etsy store is the best place to get amazing and unique prints from various locations in the world.

What I liked so much about this specific store is that the owner displays how each print could fit different rooms in your house. The images she provides can assist you in choosing which painting to order based on the space you have available for it on your wall.

About The Store Owner

Seize The Light Etsy store is owned by Luz, an Argentinian photographer, currently residing in Italy. Travelling the world is her mission in life, going to exciting new places and coming back with amazing pictures to make you feel like you were right there with her. Art is her way of expression, and her way to show to the world how she feels. To me, having her selling her art work is inspiring, as I can see a woman that’s not afraid to go after the life she wants.

Travel The World – One Photo At A Time

Every photographer will take pictures of the Eiffel tower while visiting Paris or of the Big Ben while visiting London, and so did Luz. But the difference is that you can also find unknown streets and allies amongst her works of art, and get lost yourselves in the beautiful street corners of Prague.

Seize The Light
Seize The Light

The Order process

When you order a print from Seize The Light Etsy store you choose the size you wish the print to come in. Up to size 20X30cm you will receive your order in an envelope, protected by a rigid cardboard, and any size larger than that will come rolled in a special tube box.

You can check out Luz’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, and if you see a picture there you like- simply contact her and she will add that picture to her Etsy store so you can purchase it via the secure Etsy platform.

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