Sexual Dysfunction Anxious Expectation Syndrome

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction; what is the syndrome? Sexually transmitted disease anxiety syndrome and its consequences. The article will shed light on how this problem occurs and how you can eliminate it. Erectile Dysfunction is a fairly common phenomenon, but the more vigorous sex often exaggerates the importance of this problem. Many tend to unravel themselves, and when it comes to the intimate sphere, the tangles grow tremendously. Understanding the sound syndrome that can destroy the close relationship between a man and a woman is necessary.

A method for developing the syndrome of expectations of Sexual Dysfunction

Nothing in this world happens just like that, so you need to think about the source of the problem.

Experts have identified the following plan for the development of a similar phenomenon, which prevents a man from having full sex:

  • Determining the object of passion … At the sight of an attractive woman, a representative of the stronger sex begins to look for an excuse to get closer to her. After a date, the relationship can stretch for one day and a long time, which does not affect the described syndrome of sexual Dysfunction.
  • Assessing each other … When the exchange of greetings is over, the partners begin to look closely at each other and evaluate the possibility of further communication. If the sympathy turns out to be mutual, then the relationship usually develops quite quickly.
  • The beginning of a close relationship can happen immediately after the meeting and after a specific time, depending on the prevailing conditions. This period can trigger the mechanism of sexual dysfunction syndrome because a long-term relationship in a stable couple rarely has this problem.
  • Failure of intercourse happens in different situations because it is unrealistic to foresee everything in this life. Men react differently to what has happened, but it seriously hurts their pride in most cases.
  • The development of the syndrome of sexual failure depends on the person with whom such an event happened. An important role is also played by the reasons for the fiasco with a partner because they influence the further sex of a man.

Causes of sexual failure expectation syndrome

Representatives of the stronger sex are also susceptible to complications, which is not at all a manifestation of their weakness.

 Experts say that acoustic syndrome can develop on fertile soil, which is created in the following living conditions:

  • The first experience failed … The expectation of sexual failure sometimes manifests itself in fateful intercourse with a more experienced partner. However, this can happen even when both young men are pubescent. After such a fiasco, on a subconscious level, a man becomes wary of getting closer to women, afraid of being ridiculed.
  • Overtime … Good health and a source of energy cannot be an infinite factor, even for a young man full of energy. Finally, he cannot cope with his male responsibilities towards his partner, which she demands of him. In the future, he begins to fear not only relationships with her but also with other women. The male psyche is arranged so that the representative of the more vigorous sex is ready to dismantle boundaries regarding intimate life.
  • Misbehavior of comrades … Sharp words can hurt a person because few people can calmly relate to the burning provocations. If a woman starts behaving like a dictator in sex, you cannot justify her excessive demands. It is painful when that partner is an intimate person whose careless words can trigger an anxious expectation of sexual failure.
  • Illness … With temperature or other problems, we all consider intimacy last. Our whole body fights disease and leaves no energy for anything else. Suppose a partner simultaneously suggests retiring from everyone. In that case, a playful proposal can end in a fiasco for her lover.
  • In a stressful situation … life sometimes gives us such surprises that make our heads spin. The man becomes emotionally strained as he tries to deal with the problems. If his partner demands sex simultaneously, then, in the end, neither of them will get satisfaction. In the future, the representative of the more vigorous sex may finally withdraw for fear of repeating his mistakes.
  • Severe poisoning … Alcohol in intimate life colors only those who prefer drinking to sex. They are not afraid to feel pity in the eyes of the chosen one because the bottle replaces all their relationships with the opposite sex. Otherwise, man’s fiasco sometimes directly depends on his strong embrace with a green serpent.
  • Abuse of porn … Many sexologists say that if you emphasize the resonance, serious problems can arise in a person’s intimate life in the future. Natural causative agents are good in moderation because they cannot replace full-fledged sexual relations in the future.

Often, reasons for fear of sexual Dysfunction are listed directly in the woman’s behavior model. An experienced woman will never bring the situation to such a critical boiling point. It is better to solve a painful issue in its early stages than to deal with its consequences for a long time.

Variants of sexual failure expectation syndrome

People do not behave in the same way and do not express their feelings in a stencil, so their reactions depend on the current situation.

Fear of sexual failure, when one becomes a victim of a similar situation, can be classified as follows:

  • The primary fear of failure … After an unsuccessful intimacy with a woman, specific complexes begin to develop in their partner. Not all representatives of the more vigorous sex fall into a similar state. Still, sometimes the unlucky man begins to fear even meeting women. It seems to him that everyone is laughing at him and discussing his merits, which is rarely true.
  • Another failure of men … In this case, we can safely say that this process runs smoothly from the above factors. A system is launched into the course: “I want – I’m afraid – can’t.” If you set yourself up for failure in advance, it’s bound to happen with a suspicious person.
  • Systematic fear of any intimacy with a woman … After many attempts to be rich in terms of sex, a person can find himself in a great panic. It will be easier for him to risk his entire life than to try again to realize himself in this regard.

The described types of anxious anticipation after sexual dysfunction syndrome resemble some stages of a developing problem. One step gradually develops into another, leading to severe issues for male function.

Ways to Cope with Sexual Dysfunction Syndrome

It is necessary to deal with the described misfortune before it takes a long-term form. Fear of erectile Dysfunction can increase, and a man must seek professional help.

Actions for Expectancy Syndrome of Sexual Dysfunction in Males in Females

If the fair sex is interested in the choice, then she must do everything possible to solve his problem.

 At the same time, sexologists and psychologists recommend such methods so that can achieve reconciliation in a couple:

  • Understanding the partner … If tension is constantly felt in a relationship, there can be no healing. Aggression and insults will only worsen the situation, which will be very difficult to resolve in the future. A wise woman will create such a favorable environment for her husband that all his fears and anxieties will disappear.
  • Straight Talk … In this case, it is necessary to be as discreet as possible to the interviewer because more detailed questions can hurt the chosen one very much. Jokes and sarcasm, in this case, will have the most negative effect on a person because he will begin to look for a correct partner in his statements. Psychologists advise planning the upcoming conversation not as accusatory speech but in the form of a lawyer’s words.
  • Word management … A person can fall in love and burn with passion, even a fiery person. Still, she should remember that such actions are complex. You can not humiliate your choice because all this will end in tears regarding the intimate life of the established couple. Wit is good in friendly conversation, but not when building a relationship with a soul mate.
  • Lack of comparison … In no case should you analyze your partner on the background of previous powers. His advantages are insignificant because the last relationship with a wise woman should have been in the past. If a woman also draws an analogy that is not in favor of a new relationship, you can put a bold cross on them.

Steps for Anxiety Disorders for Men

In most cases, the representative of the more vigorous sex is looking for a problem out of the blue.

Therefore, he can help himself in situations that have arisen in this way:

  • Introspection … At the same time, this method of blaming yourself for all mortal sins should not be confused with strangers. You should calmly figure out what is stopping you from being alone with a woman without further disappointment in yourself. If the reason lies in the past, you must remember it with a smile. In most cases, super-men stories are just narratives for the non-believer because the human body cannot react to everything in the same way.
  • A conversation with a partner … You cannot solve the problem on your own regarding the current couple. A relationship cannot be based solely on sex because people also need moral support in difficult times. Therefore, a confidential conversation with the chosen one must find ways to solve the voice question.
  • Getting rid of lice … In some cases, one is simply ashamed of the size of the penis. The myth that a woman only needs a stallion with magnificent dimensions for full sex has long outlived its usefulness. Ladies need affection and the ability to satisfy all their secret desires, so you should not worry about the stereotypes created.
Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual Dysfunction

Expert helps with anxious anticipation of sexual dysfunction syndrome.

Turning to a sexologist becomes inevitable when the problem has reached significant proportions.

 If the couple’s efforts were not enough to solve the crisis in sexual relations, then experts can recommend the following:

  • Psychological effects: In some cases, even hypnosis is used to eliminate the fear of being unbearable during intercourse. A skilled doctor can find out the causes of the problem if the victim of the situation himself cannot do this.
  • Physiotherapy effect … It is aimed directly at restoring the so-called reflexes responsible for the male activity. It would be a big mistake to run after the notorious Viagra when problems arise because only a qualified specialist can prescribe the necessary treatment.
  • Conversation with the victim’s partner … When we turn to a sex therapist, he unambiguously invites us to connect our soul mate to the discussion. In a close relationship, there are always two, so the demand from one will have no result in solving the problem.


Anxiety disorders are a severe problem that should not dismiss. It’s easy to lose yourself when it comes to sex because sometimes, one careless word from your partner is enough to do it. A loving couple should do their best to get rid of this problem.

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