Shaun Oster Drawings & What He Prints Them On

Shaun Oster Drawings & What He Prints

Shaun Oster has sketched some amazing lines & Patterns that not only look good on paper- but also on everything else!
In his Etsy shop, Double head Music, Shaun sells different items – all printed with his sketches and designs- celebrating the ration between white and black– and all the art that pops off of it.

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a fan of Black and white, or that loves geometric art and patterns- Shaun’s Etsy shop would be the perfect place to find the right gift!
You got some sketches on top of beach towels, you got designs on leggings, a whole lot of art on over-all-print tshirts, an even unique items like tank tops and socks!!

The perfect place to find gifts for men and women!

As the store just opened- I am guessing there will be a lot more to follow as Shaun will be uploading new designs from time to time! If you like this style I recommend you favorite Double head Music Etsy shop- to always be able to see new designs by Shaun on your Etsy feed!

Shaun Oster Drawings & What He Prints
Shaun Oster Drawings & What He Prints

See more at Shaun’s store now!

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