SteamPunk Jewelry with a Touch of Boho

If you’re looking for a one of a kind item, a jewelry piece that you’d never see on any other woman around you- you need Etsy. The online marketplace for handmade goods is a home of so many talented people, privately owning their small business of their craft.

One of these talented small business owners is Janet. Janet has a unique eye for the smallest details.

One day in California, Janet’s son handed her a pile of antique pocket watch parts and told her to make something out of them. So she did. She set up RetroHippieUnlimited Etsy store to sell those wonderful jewelry pieces she had created using scraps of time.

Janet’s unique choice for ingredients and materials- has made her necklace perfect for men, so if you’re out there looking for Gifts for Him (a gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother…) – her store would be the perfect place to look!

Self-expression is something in which I find deep fulfillment, and my passion for it is unending. Try to drag me out of my workroom! I often forget to eat because my pieces demand my full and complete attention!

Janet talks about her business in her Etsy profile page, and I am loving it! Everyone who’s ever been invested in art knows that feeling of simply giving up yourself for your craft, even for a while… Cause when you do- it’s like your body is sustained by passion, and it doesn’t care about the lack of sleep or food.

True artists don’t come often… But one look at Janet’s work– and you can see she’s the real deal. And “real deal” artists like Janet- always come with a good story.

I spent my early adulthood on a farm in the wilderness, isolated and with no running water and no electricity. I gathered my own wood and drew water from a well. There I became inspired by nature and spent hours walking in the woods with a variety of cats, dogs and a goat named Butterfly. I spent most of my time alone, and selling art work as a freelancer.

Janet’s special offers

If you’re a fan of what you just saw- hurry up to Janet’s Etsy store- cause these items are OOAK! Janet has also made some coupon codes available for people purchasing over a certain amount… You can save up to 20% on your Christmas shopping! (all of Janet’s coupon codes also activate a free 3 day shipping option- for domestic orders).

RETRO100 Coupon code: 10% off when you spend $100 RETRO125 Coupon code: 15% off when you spend $125 RETRO150 Coupon code: 18% off when you spend $150

RETRO200 Coupon code: 20% off when you spend $200

Visit Janet’s store today- and get the perfect Christmas gift
for you and your guy!

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