Stylish LUX Accessories, Made by 2 Hong Kong Expats

One of the things I learned while traveling the world with my business- is that location changes everything. I mean, I’d be coming back home from Thailand in a different style than I did when returning from Romania. Living long-term in a different country, with a different culture, effects everything in your life… Especially how you dress and accessorize.

That’s why I loved seeing MGdesignsHK Etsy shop in my latest Etsy stroll.
This shop, owned by Tanya & Marina, two expats currently living in Hong Kong, features so many different clashes of styles, that simply come along to create this awesomely classy and LUX look…

Let your spirit run wild

Celebrate the love for your body and life with uniquely designed accessories that help you look your best!
Beautiful handmade clutch bags in a variety of styles, beautiful handbags for everyday use, and a collection of totally retro items- like a beautiful cashmere body wrapping scarf, or a crystalized version of the 90’s choker necklace, covered with Swarovski stones.

All of the items on MGdesignsHK are made with a low stock, limited items for each design, in order to maintain the individuality that seeps from this shop and it’s accessories. With 10+ years of experience in accessory making, this expat duo has created a wonderful Etsy boutique for their designs.
Items take 1-2 days of making, with extreme attention to the smallest of details, and with a whole lot of love.

More things ahead…

When inspiration is all around you, in a beautiful city like Hong Kong, this expat team of 2 constantly creates more items! To make sure you’ll never miss out on one of the limited stock designs- follow them on Instagram, or like their Facebook page.

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