Sustainable Fashion That Funds Education

Working directly with women in Ghana to create beautifully handcrafted bags at fair wages- meet AyaFairTrade Etsy store. Now, it might sound weird for you to congratulate a person for simply paying their staff of working people- but in a lot of third world countries- this is the abnormal!
In places like India, Thailand, Ghana and other third world countries- many employers and factory owners pay their staff of workers a disgustingly low salary- knowing that the economy is so low that they will work for almost any price! But, that’s not the case with the owners of AyaFairTrade Etsy store.

But that’s not where they stop!
AyaFairTrade is set to do good, and since manufacturing costs are still very low in comparison to sale prices worldwide- they donate some of the funds earned from their bag sales! Every bag has a tag featuring a Ghana kid on it, and when that is sold- the money is enough for both profit, and for educating that kid for one week!
Think about a reality where your kids and siblings won’t be able to go to 6th grade, or even first. They are coming here to change that!

And if you need anymore reasons why to buy from them- how about this: They simply make high quality amazing bags! Just take a look at some of my favorite items from this do-good Etsy store:

Oh, and they also sell super cool aprons!

So- if you’re looking into purchasing a new handmade bag or apron- please consider this amazing Etsy store– you’ll get an awesome product- and help contribute Gahna’s fair trade and education!

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