Sweet Prints on Every Day Items by FancySorry

A new Etsy boutique has just opened- and I am excited!
This sweet little Etsy shop is called- Fancy Sorry, and in it you’ll be able to find unique patterned leggings for women and girls, alongside unique well-designed text mugs, funny printed tops and more!

As there are so many other Etsy shops that sell printed leggings and other everyday products with prints on them, the shop’s owner took the time to answer the question- what makes this shop different than other shops?

We live to make people laugh and have fun. We make designs ourselves! We do not copy and paste internet pictures on our products. That what make us unique, You are not going to find product with this pictures anywhere else because we paint and make them!

The fact is that this shop is one of the coolest I have seen recently, and I am happy they decided to join the Etsy family! Their Tshirts and other fashion items are made from the softest fabrics, lightweight, and use only eco-friendly inks on them!

Care to see more?
Visit Fancy Sorry Etsy shop today!

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