The Best Handmade Bags On Etsy

The Best Handmade Bags

Hey there ladies- I hope that you are fans of best handmade bags, cause if you are- you are going to be amazed by this Etsy store I came accross just the other day.

With Love From Sweden

Shipping worldwide from Stockholm, Sweden, ValleyClothes Etsy store makes the most unique handmade bags I have ever seen. For me, a bag is a statement, it’s about who I am, what I need with me during the day. It needs to fit my overall appearance, so it has to be in a colour I wear a lot, or in a neutral colour like black or light brown.

The ValleyClothes Etsy shop is where you can find bags that look like… A cork board! Using a special cork fabric, this store holds some of the most unique designs I have ever seen. The combination of cork fabric with faux leather creates an extremely strong bag, one that can hold weight, look amazing and last you for a very long time.

With ValleyClothes designs you are sure to find what you are looking for. Just with a brief look I managed to spot an oversize backpack that would be amazing to carry my laptop around in, a handbag, with white leather finish and design, and even a wallet for my man!

For those of you who don’t fancy the cork-like fabric colour, you can enjoy the black bags design featuring the dark cork. Prices at ValleyClothes vary from $35- $150, which is not expensive at all for a handmade item, made from leather, and imported all the way from lovely Sweden.


The Best Handmade Bags
The Best Handmade Bags

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