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I don’t know how much you all know this, but pretty much anything that goes wrong can be fixed with the right herb. Instead of stocking up on off-the-counter meds and doctor prescriptions- there are so many things that nature can help us cure- if you know how to use it the right way!
I recently came across an Etsy store that proves my point, simply called: The Card And Vine. This store, owned by Theresa Hart, who ships her goods from Maryland, United States.

It is actually funny for someone like Theresa to find joy and passion in her herbal Etsy store, since as a kid she always hated gardening. Not like a typical kid hates doing chores, but more cause she simply was allergic to a lot of herbs. Only once she was give bi-weekly allergy shots was she able to help her mom and grandma in the garden… And she fell in love with it. I personally believe that loving the earth will give you a better life, I feel a connection to people who feel the same way. Let’s start with what this store and seller can offer you:

Ever bathed in Tea?

Well, a lot of people do it. They buy a whole set of a tea flavor and place the tea bags in the bath with them… However, tea bags were not meant for this purpose, and although it’s relaxing and fun- you can use the same concept with actual bath-bags from The Card And Vine… This store is one of the only places I have ever encountered this amazing idea, and Theresa does it well! The “tea” bags are filled with all the goodness of nature: Epsom salts Dead Sea salts Oat Flour Dried Calendula Dried Lavender Buds Dried Chamomile & Lavender Essential Oil…

Making sure you’ll have a bath you’ll never forget!

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