The Perfect Little Gift Shop

The Perfect Little Gift Shop

Purchasing a gift to someone could be exhausting. People are so different from one another, making their choices for gifts different as well. Introduce the perfect little gift shop.
Some women like jewelry and flowers, while others prefer something more practical like a good bag or a good book. And it’s the same with men, who often value a silly sports item more than a fancy watch.

For gift giving- I like to go to Etsy!
Etsy is an online market for handmade goods, meant to connect ordinary people from all over the world- to crafts men and women from all over the world in order to create a free market… One that doesn’t need the big stores and marts. On top of these talented artists, you also have a variety of people who are collectors. These people have gathered some amazing vintage items over the last few decades and are selling them in top condition.

Since the items on Etsy are handmade by regular people and not mass-produced in factories in China, the chances of you getting a one of a kind piece are higher- and as we all know- special is the perfect gift!

Trinkets, Treasures and Memories

Little tokens of appreciation have always been the best go-to idea when it comes to gift giving. These are little presents that don’t take much space and that the person can carry around with them.
They could be one of many things… A nice earring set, a lovely key chain, small vintage accessories and even small game pieces like Trivia or Scrabble.

The Perfect Little Gift Shop
The Perfect Little Gift Shop

I recently found a sweet little gift shop heaven for you on Etsy, it’s called: TheLandingStrip13. Owned by Felicia, this store has managed to maintain a 5 star rating throughout over 75 sales.
The store holds over 200 items in the following categories: Bottle Stoppers Hanging Pendants Tags/Labels Keychains Friendship Vintage Craft Supplies & Tools Guitar Slides Ornaments/Suncatchers Corks for DIY Fan & Light Pull Chains Bird Feeders Games

Paper Ephemera

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