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One of the leading forms of today’s art is called compulsive creation. It means that someone creates something simply cause they feel like they must create something. People who are compulsive artists are those with deep love to art in all of it’s forms. One of these artists, who’s name you should be familiar with if you’re into House Decor ideas – is Dave Charest, owner of an Etsy store called Charest Studios.

One of Dave’s largest passions, and the art he basically started with, is creating mobiles. He started making his mobiles after reading about it in a book, and has evolved greatly ever since with a unique collection of hanging baskets- from wire. These unique mobile baskets are only some of the ideas that come to life in Dave’s hands, and he practice many forms of art and creates whatever comes to his mind at the moment, mixing medias and loving the abstract world.

It took Dave 4 years, from 2008 to 2012, to stabilize his art business and Etsy store to the point of quitting his day job to do his art full time. You can see how much he loves his art and his buyers from the amazing reviews given to him on the Etsy platform.

Here are some of the top selling items in Dave’s store:

Hanging as a mobile, or leaning against the wall, standing on their own- or filled with light- Dave’s creations are simply inspiring. Just by looking at different items in his store could give you so many decor ideas, using his items and his unique eye for internal design, as shown in the photos displayed in the store.
This concept artist surely knows how to take a boring and grey matter such as wire- and turn in into a true modern design theme- creating many items, for various uses.

Visit Dave’s store for more amazing decor, storage and
art solutions for your home!

Decor Ideas
Decor Ideas

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