Wood & Resin Rings, Wooden Bow Ties, and Other Handmade Accessories

if you’re looking for the perfect “gift for her” or gift for yourself- you should really check out the amazing art work of Pavlo Parubochyi from Lubny Ukraine. (Discount coupon at the bottom of the post)

His store, OKTIEofficial, has so many amazing items you’re gonna want to have!
The rings he sell are beyond gorgeous, and the color scheme he showcases in his work- is both eye-catching and practical for everyday use.

It all started 3 years ago, when Pavlo saw his first wooden bow tie.
It was the summer of 2014, and he was helping out a wedding photographer (a close friend). During the photoshoot, Pavlo noticed that the groom was wearing the perfect wooden bow tie.

Pavlo wanted that wooden bow tie too, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. Thinking “how hard can this be?”, Pavlo make his very first wooden bow tie. He made it his own- by adding a lot of personal touch into it.
He ended up grabbing a lot of compliments on his wooden bow tie, and for the one he had made for his friend- that people started asking him if they could order some for themselves. Thus- a business was born.

But no business is complete until you have someone to share it with.

For 2 years he was crafting on his own, till he met Ira.
A year ago, Pavlo shared with Ira his passion and love for wooden crafts, and taught his girlfriend the technique. He also taught her how to work with resin, and she is the one behind those lovely wood resin rings you’ve seen here.

See Ira at work on their Instagram page:

A post shared by OKTIE (@oktie_shop) on Nov 17, 2017 at 3:04pm PST

Her mother also helps, and from time to time she knits beautiful clothes, and Pavlo is adding her work to his store. It’s a small family business, and that is what is so beautiful about Etsy- supporting small businesses!

These 3 make a lot more than what you see here.
With a little under 200 products- this sweet family is also selling wooden glasses, knitted socks, resin necklaces, and wooden phone speaker amplifiers. Visit their store to see the full scope of their talent! If you are in the jewelry making business yourself or use resin to make and craft designs, you may want to look at getting yourself a rosin press to help you with that.

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