You CAN Buy Some Peace Of Mind

CAN Buy Some Peace Of Mind

Starting with that huge statement I am going to tell you about this cool Etsy store I found, called Peace Of Mind Inc. Peace Of Mind Inc Etsy store is owned by Stephanie C., who lives in L.A. and hand makes amazing jewellery. Her semi precious gemstones are laced with good energy and a positive vibe, as she makes them into a piece of jewellery, for both men and women.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Some “Peace Of Mind”:

The bracelets that Stephanie makes are amazing! You could easily find unisex bracelets alongside very feminine pieces, all made with great accuracy and love.

You could find a lot of matching jewellery at her store and create your own jewellery set!
As Stephanie is using various semi precious gems in her work, you would often find a bracelet that is a perfect match to a necklace- thus creating a set. Like these two pieces- a necklace with Cape Amethyst and a bracelet with Cape Amethyst and Moonstone:

Her handmade earrings are just so gentle and classy that you can’t help yourself but to fall in love with them even before you buy them! Here you can see an example of a lovely pair made from Sterling Silver and mixed with gems like: Amethyst, Moonstone and Amazonite. You can find earrings in different designs at the Peace Of Mind Inc store. I bet you’ll see something you fancy!

CAN Buy Some Peace Of Mind
CAN Buy Some Peace Of Mind

As Stephanie believes that the colours you wear are a reflection of your mood and your desires in life- you would be able to find handmade jewellery in ANY colour you might think of. And if you see a bracelet style you love, but you want it to be made with a different stone – you can always ask her and she will make you one to your personal taste!

You can add in $4.95 to any purchase and have the jewellery gift wrap for you. With over 18 different designs- you can order a gift for a loved one that lives far away- and have them receive it already packed and wrapped in a nice gift-box!

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