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Get paid to write about what you love! Ranging from $20-$1000 per article, I spent most of my day today researching quality websites that offer payment for content submission by independent content writers. If you Google websites that pay content writers- you’ll find mostly outdated posts that include about 60% links that go nowhere, or pages stating “we currently do not pay for content”.

It’s my pleasure to provide you with an updated list for 2020 content writers!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a content writer by trade, if you got professional knowledge to share, Or got an interesting story to tell- These websites can be your way of making a side income

From sharing your knowledge and life experience on various topics!

Remote content writing jobs- how does this work?

If you’re already traveling- submitting travel related content for travel websites- might be the best place to start with. Food might seem unrelated, but the way I travel- food & travel go hand in hand!

Check out these websites for content writing jobs about food & travel:

  • International Living offers freelance content writers $100 for a 1,000 words article, or $150 for 1,500 words, and so on. They also pay $150 for a 3 minute video with at least 600 words copy.

    They accept articles about traveling outside the US, but also about living as an expat, or retiring abroad.

  • Saveur – a great food & travel website that pays freelance content writers.
    Their process is a bit different, as you need to first pitch your article idea- and not the article itself.
  • Transition Abroad is a great website about traveling, living abroad, doing volunteer work, studying abroad, etc.
    They pay $75-$150 for freelance content writers who get their content approved.
  • DesertUSA seems to have the most flexible submissions, paying $50 per article to freelance content writers. The articles can be about almost anything travel related- and adding photos is a must!
  • IWA Wine Blog pays a relatively low fee, between $20-$50 per article. However, you can submit an article with as little as 700 words to be considered.
  • Tenderly Mag is not your usual publication. Their “website” is actually on Medium, and not self-hosted! Their main focus is the Vegan Lifestyle- so any submission that revolves around vegan food and way of life is welcomed.

    They take longer to get back to their contributors, but they pay $200+ per article, so they might be worth the wait!

  • Great Escape Publishing cover a lot of topics in travel, from travel guides to travel blogging, from import/export businesses to making a small side income in our gig economy.
    Their freelance content writing jobs pay about $150 per article, making them a perfect place for Digital Nomads to submit content to!

you don’t have to be a traveler- to write travel content!
If you live outside the US, to most of these websites, your everyday life experience- is what others would consider- travel info. 

Websites with professional content

Are you a programmer? an SEO specialist? a digital marketer? A poker player? a Financial advisor?
There are so many websites that will pay you for professional content on somany topics! Here are some of the best I found in my 4-hour-morning research:

  • A List Apart is a great place to share your knowledge about graphic design, coding, writing, and more. Their process seems to be the longest from what I’ve seen, with back and forth comments from their team, however, they state it’s an educational experience that can help you improve your writing.

    While most “top 30 websites…” articles state that this publication pays $200 per article- their submission page doesn’t feature a fixed amount per article.

  • Make A Living Writing also pays for content submissions- on topics like ghostwriting, productivity, digital marketing success stories, and more!
    Payment? $75-$150 per article.
  • Ideni is a great website for people who understand these words: Check Point firewalls, F5 load balancers or Palo Alto Networks firewalls, and can write about them.
    They pay $25 for article outlines, and another $75 upon article publication.
  • Linode is a place for the best coders to apply for content submissions! Your article submissions can be about Linux, Socket.io, NoSQL databases, game servers, Open Change, Web RTC, and more.

    This publication pays based on the quality of the article, and they do not advertise a fixed payment amount. However, they are rumored to pay around $250+ per article.

  • Doctor Of Credit is a website about… well- credit!
    If you have financial knowledge to share, or if you write about finance from a legal standpoint, check them out for a $50 per article submission!
  • WPHub is a great source for WordPress buffs, and they pay around $100-$200 for WordPress related content!
    (Honestly? I kinda feel like submitting to them myself :))
  • RankPay is all about SEO, digital marketing, and small business marketing.
    Got some knowledge to share with their audience? They currently offer $50 for content writers who get their article submissions approved!
  • Income Diary pays around $200 per article on topics like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Creating a successful website, Pinterest Marketing, and more!
    If you’re already a blogger- you might have knowledge to share from running your blog!
  • Two Plus Two is all about POKER! Got something valuable to contribute? Check them out as they pay $200 per article!

Health, parenting, & lifestyle

Being healthy, living well, being a parent… So many topics that you can write about- for websites that usually cover a large number of niches!
In most of these websites you could also share personal stories- not just information!

  • MetroParent is a website that talks about kids! The content you can submit can be about almost anything, traveling with kids, kid related trends, small kid-hacks, and even articles written about 2 parents seeing a situation in a different way.
    They have one of the most flexible submission plans, with content ranging from 50 words to 2000, and paying between $25-$200+ per submission.
  • JustParents is focused mainly on being a UK based parent! You can submit articles about pregnancy, personal stories, with no religious or political hints. They do not have a fixed price they pay freelance content writers, but they offer payment through Paypal within 24 hours of article approval!

    NOTE: UK English grammar and phrasing required!

  • Anxiety Foundations offers a $50 payment for articles 550+ words on any mental health topic!
    If you suffer from anxiety, PTSD, depression, schizophrenia, etc, and have some knowledge to share with the world- that would be the place to do that!
  • Bitch Media is all about what’s trending, good books, interesting takes on TV shows, and basically- pop culture! Their article submission guidelines states a larger word count than most sites, but their payment plans are amazing:

    $700-$1000 for features, $350 for dispatches, and between $150-$700 for culture stories.

  • Book Browse is a nice little niched website about books! They do not display a fixed payment amount, but rumored to pay around $50 for a good book review.
  • Get Abstract is also a publisher that lets you submit book reviews. Again, without a fixed quote, but rumored to pay over $200 per article once accepted.
  • OZY – news, personal stories, and so much more!
    You can submit a variety of articles to this publication, however, there is no information on their fixed rates, or any specific writing guidelines.
  • Salon also has a very general intake on what kind of articles they can accept.
    They do not have a fixed amount per article, but on their submission page you’ll find different email contacts to submit articles about: food, politics, news, life stories, health, science, and more!
  • List Verse – honestly my favorite one by far !! This site features TOP 10 articles, about… Anything & everything!
    They pay $100 per article- a pretty good bargain for a list, wouldn’t you say?
  • Belt Magazine pays for asseyes, poetry bits, and more- between $50-$500 per piece, and without any complicated guidelines or submission process!
  • Greatist pays writers to write about mental health, relationships (romantic, friendship, family), body image and weight loss, and more!
    The pay a fixed amount of $125 per article and they are worth checking out!

Tips on submitting content for websites

Getting started with all these content writing jobs and article submission options can be quite… Overwhelming.
I hope these tips will help you really find a good source of income, or side hassle, with these blogs and publications:

  • go over the list. The links i provided are for the website’s submission or contact pages- read them!
  • Think about yourself, the life you’ve led, the places you’ve lived in, the people you met. You might think something is basic to you, like a known recipe in your culture, or “just another” post about something.
    Don’t let that get into your head- believe in your value!
  • Follow submission guidelines! If a publication asks you email them an article pitch- DO NOT send them the full article! Don’t even write it yet! Follow the guidelines these publications provide you!
  • Be respectful and mindful with your words when writing to an editor or division manager!
  • See if that website requires photos to be attached to the article, and the size they need to be in!
  • Don’t give up on websites that don’t share their $ amounts in the submission page! These websites might pay you $50 or $300- check them out first!
  • Read the website you’re submitting your article to!
    Check out their categories, the writing style of writers that were accepted, and make sure you’re not submitting an article that they already published!
  • Be patient! Some websites can take up to a month to get back to you. And yes, not all of them will get back to you. But don;t let that discourage you from trying to submit more articles- or submit to other sites!
  • NEVER submit the same content to more than 1 site. Unless rejected officially- you cannot risk damaging your name and reputation by having 2 websites pay you for the same piece!
  • Mind the website’s English origin! Websites that promote UK content will reject your USA written articles!
    If you do not know the difference between EN UK and EN USA- I attached a quick explanation for that from Learning English.


You don’t have to be a content writer by trade to make money from writing to online publications!
These random content writing jobs can be suitable for people from different industries, with different professional experiences, and even for people who are just good at writing!

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