Chemical Free Dog Soap & Dog Shampoo

It seems like these days people are more aware of the dangers in having chemicals in our everyday cleaning products- like shampoo or soap. We now understand how certain chemicals can hurt our skins in the long term, as well as that producing all natural products is better for the environment.
However, not many people think about the chemicals and ingredients that still exist in most of the dog caring products in the market.

Chemical free care products for dogs- on Etsy!

Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods is surprising me once again when I see that you can simply find ANYTHING there!! Even – healthy and chemical free dog shampoo and soap bars!

Inside a new shop called PawSoaps you’ll be able to find two products- the only two you’ll need! A special dog shampoo bar, as well as dog soap bar. These 2 unique dog care products are- vegan friendly, chemical free, and contain all the right essential oils that your dog needs!

The owner of the shop carefully listed the ingredients in each dog care product- making sure you can check for any allergies your dog might have!

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