Custom Bobble Head Snow Globes – The perfect Christmas Gift

How often do you have a chance to give someone you love a truly unique Christmas present? I mean, when you know someone for a long time you easily exempt your gift options with Christmas, other holidays, birthdays and important life events. However, no more!

This Christmas you’ll have the perfect gift for your mother, brother, boyfriend, dad, best friend, etc. – Their very own personalized bobble head snow globe!

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JJSculpting is the Etsy store to get amazing personalized bobble head snow globes- and they are shipping their beautiful custom snow globes from Florida, USA!

There are a few things you could be placing inside that beautiful snow globe of your’s. You could ask the owner to place a beautiful bobble head figure of your loved one, simply by sending them a picture of that person on the Etsy msg board! That someone can be a person- or a pet!

You could also combine people together, and create a themed snow globe, by providing the owner of JJSculpting a picture of you in action! (on the beach, on the field, etc.).


It’s a perfect gift for people who just got married, got a new baby, moved to a new place, and more!

Your custom snow globe doesn’t have to include people or pets in it… You could also send the owner of JJSculpting a msg on Etsy with a photo of your childhood home, or favorite truck- and you’ll have a personalized snow globe that will take you down memory line with each snowy shake!

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If you want to know more about how these items are made and delivered, please visit this seller’s private website and FAQ section! You can also LIKE them on Facebook to receive constant updates (see new work and hear about promotions) and of course- see more on their amazing Etsy boutique!

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Happy Holidays, let it snow!

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