Get Some Glitter for Your Apple

Glitter for Your Apple

If you got an iPhone or an iPad and want to make it a bit more suitable to the fashionista with glitter for your apple you truly are- I got just the right person to help you do that!

Meet Nikki Silver, owner of Glamourmama Etsy store, and one glitter-dedicated chicka! Her passion for everything that blings can be shown throughout her store as she provides her buyers with a unique iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPad cover- filled with glitter and love! Here are some of Nikki’s hany work:

The iPhone and iPad cases Nikki makes are made from a hard clear case, covered with glitters from various colors, and later on coated with a layer of see-through Acrylic to make sure that the case is stronger and that the glitters won’t fall off or scratch you as you hold it.

Her cases are handmade by her, and you can rest assure you won’t see them everywhere you go- just like you will if you get an Aliexpress or Wallmart iPhone case. These are simply unique cases, and after going through more than 90 items in this store.. I have managed to lock down on the three that I loved most:

 Glitter for Your Apple
Glitter for Your Apple

So go ahead and check out Nikki’s store– you won’t be disappointed!

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