Heather’s Digital Art on Etsy

Etsy is one of my favorite websites in the world- offering handmade goods worldwide from all corners of the earth. However, each seller is different… Some are trust-worthy, others less, and sometimes not because they mean harm- but they are simply a 1-man-show.
I have always feared ordering something, waiting for it for several weeks only to find out it’s not coming due to personal matters of the seller. Maybe that’s why I have always preferred shopping for instant download items on Etsy.

Instant download items are simply files you can download- mostly printable art pieces or planners, and you get them as soon as you pay for them. In order to make a successful print- an artist truly needs to be unique, and hold a clear line in their art… And I found the seller that does just that!

Heather is the owner of hlhanners Etsy store- filled with instant downloadable magic! Beautiful prints of animals and sea life items- made more personal by the option to add a name of a loved one or a phrase of choice… Making these printables perfect for Valentine’s Day or for a nursery!
You can see Heather’s creative mind in her store, but in the mean time enjoy this selection of my favorite designs- made by her:

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