Light Of The Moon Candle Etsy Store Review

Light Of The Moon Candle

Give your house the option to smell like a garden with Light Of The Moon Candle Etsy store!

The Message Behind The Store

The reason why i love Etsy so much, and prefer it to other cheaper places like Ali Express or eBay, is that every store there has a story, or maybe it would be more true to say– every store owner has a story. Anne Haulk, the owner of Light Of The Moon Candle Etsy store wrote a personal message to her clients, explaining the idea behind her unique scented candles store:

“I have always had a passion for candles, I wanted to combine that passion with an environmentally sound product. This is why I choose to create beautiful candles with ECO soy wax. I am helping in sustaining the environment which is already fragile.”

The Variety Of Smells

They say that people shop with their eyes, but I believe that shopping with your nose is even better. Not 2 seconds after entering Light Of The Moon Candlestore, I started feeling angry… Angry that the technology hasn’t come to a point where you can smell the webpage you are on! The candles, big and small, simply looked DELICIOUS!

It’s All In The Smell

Most of the candles at Light Of The Moon Candle Etsy store are either colourless or coloured in purple/orange, but it’s the scent of them that’s responsible to all the magic. The candles are made with eco soy wax and are mixed with essential oils to give them their smell. For me, I think that using eco soy wax instead of just plain wax- is important, it shows to the nature and character of the store owner. And with prices starting at $0.25 per piece (For the small candles) being eco friendly is not that expensive at all. You can also get larger candles and save money with buying a whole set. So it doesn’t matter if you have $1 to spend, or $40, you can find good deals for amazing handmade scented eco-friendly candles at Light Of The Moon Candle Etsy store !

Light Of The Moon Candle
Light Of The Moon Candle

And Here Are Some More Pictures, Just For Fun:

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