Marble Your Mac

Marble MacBook 

Marble MacBook startup story started in 2014 when the owner of the store wanted to cover up a few dents and scratches on her Mac. She created a rough prototype of the product to suit her needs and then posted a picture of what she had made to her personal blog and Instagram account. Shortly after, she started receiving dozens of comments and messages asking “where did you get the cover?”. Apparently no one could find Marble MacBook Decals / Skins anywhere online and she had made something truly unique. It was at that point that she committed to making Marble MacBook Decals, and with the help of her fiance (now her husband), they made it happen.

They started small, collecting pre-orders and only making the pieces that were ordered. The slow start was a way for them to perfect the design, develop ideas for other product listings, make sure they have a secure way to package and ship them, write application instructions, etc.

When they were ready they began shipping the products to customers all over the world. Not long after they created additional sizes to suit popular MacBook models.

Marble MacBook 
Marble MacBook

So go on to Marble MacBook Etsy store! You could find amazing marble computer stickers that would upgrade the looks of your Mac, and also a great deal of iPhone covers to match it! What are you waiting for?

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