Retired Couple is Conquering the Party Ballon Business on Etsy

One thing I enjoy doing is checking and shopping online for party items, from places similar to Promotion Choice to Etsy, I love finding little golden wonders online. So When I first checked out ThePartyAvenue Etsy shop- I was sure it was managed by a 22 year-old Instagram model.
The cheer and young vibe, the unique designs of the balloons sold there… All just led me to believe I am dealing with a young-bird, just on her starting point at life.


However, I found that that wasn’t really the case.
This unique Etsy shop, focusing on party balloons of all sizes, shapes and colors, is actually owned by a retired couple- Even & Gustavo!

The couple lives in Arizona, and as you can see- age and experience are leading the way, as these two crafters have already passed the 1000 sales mark- with an Etsy shop they had just opened earlier this year!

red-white-and-pink-balloons-valentines-day-balloons-4585971 pink-and-white-balloon-bouquet-birthday-balloon-bouquet-21st-birthday-balloon-decoration-7411093 giant-gold-number-30-balloons-4022-gold-30-balloons-30th-birthday-balloons-gold-balloon-number-30-big-gold-balloons-7292753 giant-white-tassel-balloon-birthday-tassel-balloon-first-birthday-giant-balloon-5540928 pink-and-gold-party-pink-and-gold-tassel-garland-pink-and-gold-princess-party-4896270

Plan your next party with Even & Gustavo

If you’re celebrating your birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a baby shower, college graduation, or any other important event, balloons are a big part of the party!
In fact, with the right balloons- a big centered balloon could act like a sign and be the center of the party (that one thing that will constantly show up in all of your event photos and will be the symbol of that great day in your life!).


Even and Gustavo are giving you just that! In their festive party supply shop you’ll be able to find items like:

Tassel Garlands, Banners, Tassel Balloons, Heart/Star/Shape Balloon, Letter/Number Balloons (as big as 40″ or as small as 16″), Balloon Bouquets, Party Piñatas, Gender Revealing balloons, as well as Tableware and even some Bags, Boxes, and Containers- to complete the full party decor!

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