Turkish Towels – Bath & Beach Towels From Turkey

If you’ve ever taken a trip down one of the fabric markets of Turkey than you know- it’s the top of the line when it comes to quality. The colors and textures are unique and eye catching, and their weaving style is authentic and oriental… And their towel fabrics are even more amazing!

For the best bath and beach experience- you can’t go wrong with Turkish towels!
And if you can’t get to Turkey… AuthentiCraftsArt Etsy shop- with bring these beach and bath towels to you!

With one click of a button you’ll be able to enjoy high quality towels from the land of fabrics, and the quality will not be the only thing you’ll love about AuthentiCraftsArt’s Turkish towels… It’ll be their design!

Their Turkish towels are actually Peshtemals, traditional Turkish towels used in Turkish baths. These towels were used by the Ottoman empire, and it was these Turkish towels that were there, everyday, with their hammam culture. Dating back hundreds of years, these unique Turkish bath towels were originally designed not only to use after taking a shower, but to help people bathing in the Hammam maintain their privacy.

Turkish beach towels and Turkish bath towels are considered to be highly absorbent, and in fact- these original Peshtemals dry faster than thicker towels do!

Find out more about the Peshtemals (Turkish towels) on AuthentiCraftsArt Etsy shop!

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