Vintage Fashion Items – Now Trending on Etsy

A lot of people think that Etsy is only there for handmade items and craft people. However, the truth is that there are a lot of collectors out there on Etsy- selling vintage items from anywhere from 1800 or the 90’s.

One of these collectors is Stacy, and her Etsy store and vintage collection is truly unique.

For starters, unlike most vintage Etsy stores, Stacy’s store has over 680 items (currently, but always changing, as in any one of a kind collection). She has everything, vintage 80’s-90’s fashion items (and some 70’s fashion there in the mix) that will place your mind in a time tunnel just by looking at them!

Vintage sweaters and sweatshirts:

Vintage buttoned up tshirts:

Vintage shorts and denim:

But with all of these vintage treats, my favorite part of Stacy’s store, modsloth, is the vintage dresses section:

With over 700 sales and maintaining a 5 star review- Stacy’s Etsy store for vintage fashion from the late 1900s is simply top of the line!
Find out prices and see more of her collection HERE!

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