When Was The last Time You Played With A Puzzle Box?

You Played With A Puzzle Box

Puzzle Boxes are one of life’s biggest joys… Something that we can have fun with as children, and perfect when we’re adults. But finding a good Puzzle Box these days is not that easy.
Mostly sold in magic and mind-games stores, Puzzle Boxes are usually very pricy and will mostly come in 1 or 2 designs. However, since I am a big fan of the handmade marketplace, I crossed my fingers that someone there would be selling these unique boxes- and I found one!

Susan Bondi is a crafty woman from rom Transylvania, Romania. Her store, TransylvanyArt, is actually a small family business as both she and her husband make the beautiful items there. If my 3 months in Bucharest taught me anything is that Romanias take their art very seriously and still strongly believe in handcrafts and arts. You can see that from the hard work that Suzan and her partner in life have put into their store.

Shipping worldwide, here are some of the items you could find in their super witty store:

Suzan and her husband also give you the opportunity to carve anything you’d like at the top of the box and make it truly your own! You could carve in your name or a short phrase of magic & mystery! So go ahead and check out their Etsy store for special sales, designs and more items!

You Played With A Puzzle Box
You Played With A Puzzle Box

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