5 Creative Minds – 1 Leather Craft Shop

If you’re looking for unique leather gifts for both men and women, there’s no better place to find them than Etsy! Etsy, the biggest online marketplace for handmade goods, is home to some of the most talented leather craftsmen and women, creating all kinds of leather goods- leather bracelets, leather fashion items, leather gifts for men, and more. However, with so many leather stores out-there, how will you even choose?

EASY- choose the leather shop you wanna buy from- based on the people!

This photo was taken in 2018, holding in it the 5 talented people currently working on the Etsy project MuhaHandmade.
MuhaHandmade Etsy shop was founded in 2013, when Andy decided to quit his office job to set up a business that relies solely on his hands and creativity. He started creating all kinds of leather bracelets and gifts, and throughout the years- attracted different creative people to his business, as they created meaningful friendship, love & business relationships.

Andy’s college friend, Joanna, came on board, along with her husband Stan, and 2 other talented craftswomen – Victoria & Alevtina.
Now, 7 years after forming this leather crafts shop, Andy has Victoria, Alevtina & Joanna helping him make the gifts you see in his Etsy shop, and even have their own website- selling all kinds of leather goods I Handmade it.
Stan, originally working in advertising, became the shop’s marketing manager and business development manager- finding new avenues for the shop in terms of materials, product ideas, and generally expanding the reach of this unique shop.

Enough Chit-Chat, let’s talk leather!

With a variety of leather goods, this unique Etsy shop has everything you can think about- made from top quality leather!
Unique gifts for men- like a leather cigar case, leather trays, leather coated flasks, and many other everyday leather accessories, that can also be personalized!

On top of that, you’ll also find unique leather accessories on MuhaHandmade Etsy shop, like custom name leather bracelets, leather keychain tags, bags, and even leather bow-ties amazing for grooms and fancy-men

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