Printable Botanical Wall Art by Emiliya Shender

The world has changed so much, and as time goes by- more and more things are becoming accessible to us- at a better price and quality than ever before. About a decade ago, getting wall art for your home or office would have been a hassle… Trying to find the right print, searching places that mass-produce items, and even if you find something nice- you know everyone else has it too…

But now, with Etsy and the printables- wall art has become way more exciting!

Emiliya Shender, a graphic designer, is one of the people making this change by making her art available for download via her Etsy shop- LinePrintable!

Her collection of botanical wall art prints is amazing!
I can totally see how her combination of nature photography and graphic words can make any wall feel more cozy, and ever desk- feel more productive!

If you find something you like from her botanical prints, or her shop in general, getting it up your wall is fairly easy and affordable! Just purchase the print you like- and the origin file for that print will be waiting for you in your Etsy account- ready to be downloaded and printed in your home printer!

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