The Best DIY Crochet Wedding Dress You’ve Ever Seen

Abby Remirez-Bodley learned how to crochet from her aunt Jennifer Wollard when she was just under the age of 5. When she found the man she loves and said “yes” to his proposal- the race started. Finding the best dress in a reasonable price. (Featured image from aplus.com)

Wedding Dress Shopping Can Be Exhausting

Both physically and mentally. Searching for a beautiful, yet affordable wedding dress can also be pretty tiring. None of the dresses look like you want them, the ones that look good are not comfortable, and the ones you actually see yourself wearing- cost a fortune! Abby finally found the dress of her dreams, an old-school style vintage bridal gown that simply felt perfect for her. But the price was too high.

But Abby did not give up on her dream dress. This 22 year old from Tulsa, Oklahoma, researched the internet and saw an article about a woman who made her own crochet wedding dress. Feeling like she has nothing to lose, she turned to her aunt and asked for her help.

70 Dollars & 8 Months

was the amount of time it took these two dedicated girls to crochet the perfect dress for Abby’s wedding (Held october 27th, 2015). The dress was a smashing hit at the wedding, and Abby told ABC News that her aunt was busy throughout the wedding answering people’s questions about the dress.

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